Gutmaxxx by BPM Labs

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A cutting-edge, brand new gut health supplement brought to you BPM labs. Gutmaxxx is gut health terpenes in CB2 Oil. Gutmaxxx is designed to help with inflammation, gut health and heneral wellbeing.

Key Features

  • Naturally found, organic hemp oil base.
  • Vegan friendly supplement.
  • Contains fatty acids, omegas, oils and vitamins.
  • Rich in terpenes, including β-D-Limonene and β-Caryophyllene.
  • Promotes improvements in general health.
  • Supports a controlled inflammatory response.
  • Supports general gut health.

Gutmaxxx by BPM Labs

Overview: what is it?

A cutting-edge, brand new gut health supplement brought to you BPM labs.

This is a product that pushes what it means to be a gut health supplement and goes above and beyond what you’re used to. It brings a mix of interesting benefits and supports you across a wide range of health markers.

You’re going to get gut health – and more – from GUTMAXXX.

Overview: everything you need to know

  •   Gut support product to improve health and wellbeing
  •   Combines cutting-edge ingredients and overlooked traditional medicine ingredients
  •   Combats gut problems like indigestion, heartburn, pain and cramping, gastric acid, and inflammation
  •   Potentially cancer-protective, shielding you from problems like colo-rectal cancer 

Ingredients: what is in it?

  1. Hemp CB2 Oil

CB2 is a cannabinoid that signals for the release of some powerful health-protective compounds in the body. It reduces things like anxiety, inflammation, oxidative damage risks, and helps reduce pain – especially near where it’s absorbed.

This makes it a great all-purpose wellbeing compound and, specifically, a way of improving digestive health and reducing pain without the negative side-effects you see with standard painkillers.

  1. Terpenes – Limonene

A powerful gut-support compound in it’s own right, this is a naturally derived cancer-protective compound found in citrus fruit rind.

This extract is powerfully anti-inflammatory, supporting your gut against excessive inflammation and the problems it can cause. This is also combats bad bacteria to keep your gut environment healthy.

  1. Beta caryophyllene

This is a common analgesic compound that helps you reduce any cramping or stomach pain. It’s also packed with phytochemicals that have a wide range of gut- and general-health-benefits.

It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory compound and antioxidant, which you might be figuring out is all over this product!

Benefits: what is it for?

This is a gut health support supplement. It is all about improving your digestive health, which does everything from effecting your diet and cravings to big interactions with stress and mental health.

The gut is important, and this is one of the best all-round gut health supplements we’ve seen. If you plug this into a balanced diet – especially one with healthy levels of fiber – you’re going to feel great.

It supports health and wellness, and specifically the feelings of wellness that come with a healthy body. It can also be a beneficial combo to a diet, where changes can disrupt the digestive system leading to various unwanted effects.

It’s a gut health product that covers a wide range of experience factors, as well as the medical benefits. It’s an all-natural take on both gut health and reducing the risk of pain/medical problems in your gut!

Verdict: how does it compare?

What to? This is a completely new take on gut support supplements – it’s a cutting edge product and we’re super interested in what comes next.

The verdict is that this is a new, promising route for gut health, and you could be one of the first to get in on that new, revolutionary product. We want to hear your verdict!