BPM Labs Myoblast Capsules

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BPM Labs Myoblast contains a potent blend of ingredients carefully chosen to help increase anabolic activity and inhibit myostatin activity.

Key Features

  • May increase strength
  • May increase lean muscle gain
  • May promote bone health
  • May improve recovery and healing 

BPM Labs Myoblast Capsules

Whether you’re looking to trim down or optimise muscle definition, Myoblast workout supplement by BPM Labs will ensure your limits are pushed through premium support!

Designed to support anabolic activity, Myoblast is the ideal addition to any gym guru’s collection with a strength-gaining formula that puts rivals to shame!

Myoblast capsules consist of a mega-formula packed with only what you need to hit those lean gain targets. With 900mg of Avena Sativa, 50mg of MK 2682 and 250mg Dihydrocoumarin, maximum energy potential and significantly reduces recovery times are Myoblast’s top workout benefits.

It’s a sports food essential to going beyond the goals you thought were unimaginable and are purposely developed for convenient, before-bed consumption. Take prior to sleeping and wake up more refreshed after a hard gym session.

Kick start your metabolism and experience the difference in your workouts after multiple, extra-speedy recovery times and unlocking improved performance potential. Did we mention it has less than 4 calories per serve?

Also supports bone strength so you can go all out with those massive pumps and bulk up with less time spent in the gym. If you’re seeking a product to revolutionise your workouts, Myoblast capsules from BPM Labs are leaders in advanced, muscle restoration supplements.

Achieve your dream body with the help of Myoblast fitness-enhancing capsules! Try the formula today!


Servings per bottle: 30

Serving size: 2 Capsules

Recommended 2 capsules prior to sleeping or as directed by your healthcare professional.