List of products by brand Bioflex

When Ben Crowley started Bioflex Nutrition, he had one intention; to produce fat burner supplements that were more than just fillers and sweeteners... He wanted products that had their ingredients clearly stated on the pack. This approach has guided BioFlex Brand to becoming one of the biggest supplement brands in Australia.

All products from BioFlex Nutrition are developed and manufactured in Australia using tested and trusted ingredients.

BioFlex supplements are produced to help you achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank. Some popular products from BioFlex Nutrition include; Proflex (a whey protein supplement), Bioflex BioFurnace, Hydroflex, ALCAR PRO all of which are fat burner supplements. BioFlex Nutrition also produces RecoverX; a recovery supplement and BioLife; a vegan protein supplement.

Our best selling product from Bioflex is a post-training muscle recovery supplement which is also highly beneficial for weight loss.