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If there’s one thing that we’re proud of here at Fat Burners Only, we can say EHP Labs- one of the best seller fitness supplement brands here in Australia. 

Whether you’re looking for a fat burner supplement, a protein for building muscle mass, an energy drink prior to your workout, a snack to boost your day, or even a supplement to help you sleep well, EHP Labs would definitely win your heart. 

EHP Labs large selection

As one of the well-loved supplement brands, we’re proudly bringing different EHP Labs products for you. Here’s some.

EHP Labs fat burner. One of the main ingredients of fat burner products is caffeine. This caffeine helps you in boosting your energy levels, increases your thermogenesis to burn more calories and turns that into natural energy to keep you working harder. Our best-selling  Oxyshred has been in the market for longer years. Depending on your caffeine tolerance, this type is not too strong, that it’s going to bug you out, but strong enough to give you energy while performing the intense workout. This fat burner is also loaded with Vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system. 

You can choose a variety of great-tasting flavours that might definitely win your taste such as the popular kiwi-strawberry, pink grapefruit, mango, and loads more. You may also select one of our non-stim Oxyshred which is stimulant-free, perfect for someone who has caffeine issues. 

EHP Labs protein. Developing that lean muscle mass might be challenging if you’re just starting out your fitness goal. But whether you’re already a professional one or recently just in, having a protein supplement can help you.  Our range of protein might depend again on your choice. If you’re looking for a concentrated one, to keep you fuller for longer we have Oxywhey blend. But one of EHP Labs top-selling proteins is the Whey isolate which has 25gms of protein per serving that might be helpful in supplying your daily protein intake. 

Oxywhey comes in different amazing flavours such as raspberry cheesecake ripple, peanut butter puffs, vanilla, chocolate and more.

EHP Labs pre-work-out. Whether you’re on a vegan diet or not, having energy before hitting the gym is important to start your next set, or keep you active while doing your rep. You can choose what type of pre-workout suits you. Choose might be the best for you here. 

We love you seeing happy fellow Burners. EHP Labs are adding more and more nutritious supplements to support your fitness journey. We also have a snack bar, sleep aid and sports apparel to complete your workout plan. 

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We are always finding new ways to improve your shopping experience with us. Here’s the latest. We’ve been known for supplying fat burners supplements around Australia for more than a decade. But now,  we DON'T just sell fat burners products anymore, we NOW sell all supplements and we do FREE express delivery on all Australian orders with no minimum spend. 

Enjoy our tier pricing system to get more savings. We have secure payment methods, so you can pay either through credit card, Paypal, Afterpay, Google pay, or the Apple pay program. 

Any questions, you can call us in-store or chat with us via our live chat on the website and one of our friendly customer service teams will answer your questions. Enjoy shopping Burners!

Can you buy EHPlabs products under 18?

No, EHPlabs fat burners are only for adults over 18 years old. It is also not recommended to use EHPlabs products if you have any serious health problems and are on medication.

Does EHPlabs OxyShred work?

Yes, EHPlabs OxyShred has been extremely effective for helping people lose weight. OxyShred not only boosts metabolism to promote fat-burning, but it also helps curb cravings, suppress appetite, increase focus, and boost energy. Additionally, it will protect your system from being weakened by calorie deficiency.

Is EHPlabs good?

EHPlabs products stand out in the fat burning supplement market due to their highest quality and amazing effectiveness. The EHPlabs’s team of scientists and researchers are dedicated to formulating the best products to help people achieve their health and fitness goals as well as maximise their physical performance. The company devotes majority of their resources to scientific and pharmaceutical research, with a particular focus on molecular biochemistry, human biomechanics, sports science and nutrition.
All products are tested using only the most advanced pharmaceutical grade three-phase testing equipment to ensure that the brand exceeds all the standards expected from the sports supplement industry.

Is EHPlabs OxyShred safe?

Yes, Oxyshred is a totally safe fat loss supplement that is suitable for most healthy adults. The unique formula of this supplement allows even caffeine-sensitive individuals to take it without experiencing any jitters. Unlike other fat burners on the market, OxyShred contains an increased amount of fat-burning compounds rather than stimulants, which means it can be taken for a longer period of time without causing adrenal fatigue or burnout. The biggest complaint with Oxyshred is EHPlabs use of a proprietary formula, so you won’t know the exact amount of each ingredient. But plenty of research and reviews show that whatever is in Oxyshred, it is safe and working.

Is EHPlabs vegan?

More recently, EHPlabs has launched Blessed, a naturally formulated line of health and lifestyle nutritional products for vegans, vegetarians, lactose-free, dairy-free, and wholefood markets.
Blessed Protein is made from golden pea protein isolate, which is an excellent source of leucine. This delicious plant-based protein cocktail also contains all nine essential amino acids and 23g of protein per scoop.

What does EHPlabs stand for?

The prefix “EHP” stands for “Empowered Human Potential”, as the company’s vision is to empower others so their potential becomes limitless. The EHPlabs team is aimed to lift others and provide the tools they need to succeed. The brand also offers the vital information to make healthier and informed choices.

When to take EHPlabs OxyShred?

For optimum results take EHPlabs OxyShred daily first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can take it even on days you are not training as well as on training days; consume Oxyshred 15 minutes before exercise.

Where to buy EHPlabs?

You can buy EHPlabs products at Fat Burners Only [FBO Supps]. We’ve been known for supplying fat burning supplements around Australia for more than a decade. In addition to our tier pricing system and a wide range of secure payment methods, we offer fast and free delivery on all Australian orders with no minimum spend.

What's the best way to store EHPlabs supplements?

The best way to store EHPlabs supplements is in an airtight container in a dark, dry place such as a cupboard. It is important to note that the product will be at its highest level of potency until the end of its expiration date only if it is left sealed. Open tubs allow moisture to enter your product, and more will enter whenever you remove the lid. So don't keep EHPlabs supplements open for long, use them!

Do I need to take a break from using EHPlabs supplements?

It is a good idea to take a 3 day break from supplements after using them for 8 consecutive weeks. With the stimulant based products such as RP Max, OxyShred Original and OxyShred Hardcore, you should take a minimum 1-week break after finishing the product tub.
In general, there is no standard time for starting or stopping supplements. Listen to your body and always talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. Whenever you feel that you need a break, you should stop using any nutritional supplement products and start drinking plenty of water to flush out your system.