List of products by brand Gen-Tec

Gen-Tec Nutrition is the manufacturer of Casein CustardUltimate Thermo Fuel and the Gen-Tec Amino Lean amongst other products. The Casein Custard supplement is a Gen-Tec supplement for bodybuilders and fat burners. Bodybuilders due to the strenuous workout routines they go through need a lot of protein to repair and rebuild their muscles. The Gen-Tec Amino Lean is a pre-workout supplement that helps ensure that you are able to go on and on during your workout; with increased metabolism, energy boost and improved focus, you are sure to get the best outcomes from your workout session.

The Ultimate Thermo Fuel is a thermogenic fat burner supplement that improves the natural fat-burning ability of the body. A higher fat-burning ability leads to a reduction in excess body fat and a resultant reduction in weight.

As a reputable brand in the fat burner industry, Gen-Tec supplements has garnered a lot of positive reviews from users in Australia and even beyond. Casein Custard supplements and other Gen-tec supplements can be obtained at Fat Burners Only at affordable prices.