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Ketao was founded by Mick Baker. Mick has a decade of real-world experience in the supplement industry, working alongside nutritionists, naturopaths, and biochemists. Starting out owning supplement stores in Sydney, Australia and testing most of the top selling products on the market.

After testing out every top supplement from pre workouts and proteins to bcaa's, Mick noticed he would often experience asthma, be short of breath or have a skin irritation, right around the time of taking these products. After doing some reading he found that some ingredients included in popular supplements may cause stomach issues, reduce healthy gut flora and cause other adverse effects. Apart from ingredients, labeling of these products was also something of concern, with many proprietary blends and numbers used to confuse the consumer of what was really in the product.

This lead Mick to creating Ketao, a company that would make products that only have high-quality ingredients, with an easy to read label and only using natural flavours.

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The other key ingredient is goMCT, a powdered form of MCT Oil. A few key benefits of taking MCT Oil in powder form are that it's easy to digest and friendly on the gut, it's also easy to mix and doesn't leave any oily mess in your coffee or shakes.

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Ketao's most popular product is Keto Activate, which contains goBHB to help the body reach ketosis, Yerba Mate for some natural energy and Stevia for a great natural taste. MCT Creamr is one of their other main products which combines goMCT with acacia fibre, and is great for making bulletproof coffee, adding to shakes and to making low-carb recipes.

Ketologic goBHB is the most effective form of beta hydroxybutyrate. GoBHB is a ketone body that helps the body to reach ketosis in a few hours, rather than taking weeks. It also helps to body skip the transition process into ketosis which can include the keto flu and brain fog.