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AMINOx BSN Flavour

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Amino X is the definitive BSN take on the ever-popular branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement. Amino X is great for supporting protein synthesis, muscle maintenance, recovery and endurance.

Key Features

  • Amazing Flavours
  • 10 grams per serve of High Quality BCAAs 
  • Added Citrulline for Pumps
  • Improve Recovery & Endurance
  • Stay Hydrated


Overview: what is it?

Amino X is a BCAA supplement that drills down into the fundamentals and focuses on providing a ton of branched-chain amino acids to support your muscles and improve endurance during a workout.

On top of this, it does have some interesting extra ingredients. These include a patented absorption and digestive-wellbeing matrix, as well as additional vitamin D, making it a well-rounded health and performance supplement.

AMINOX by BSN Key Features

  • Amazing Flavours
  • 10 grams per serve of High Quality BCAAs 
  • Added Citrulline for Pumps
  • Improve Recovery & Endurance
  • Stay Hydrated

Ingredients: what is in it?

The main ingredient is a 10g complex of the 3 BCAAs: Leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

This is a huge dose which makes it clear that this is a great product for staving off catabolism and supporting better workout endurance. This is perfect for before a workout to improve endurance, during a workout to keep your muscles fuelled, or afterwards to kickstart recovery.

This complex also includes L-Citrulline for improved bloodflow, endurance, and improving muscle pumps. This is a great combination that gives us a well-rounded endurance support supplement for those grindy muscle-building sets.

The absorption matrix is cool, too, with a mixture of digestive support compounds. This is always great and it’s where you’re getting extra vitamin D and sodium (a key electrolyte for muscles).

Benefits: what is it for?

This is going to be great for supporting muscles before, during, and after a workout. If you’re serious about your training, you might want to mix it into a liquid with carbohydrates, for maximal muscular support during a workout.

The main benefits are in the shape of short-mid endurance. This is the 120+ second mark, where we’re focusing on the glycogen system for long, horrible, bodybuilder-style exercise. This also combines with the improved pumps from citrulline for a shocking hypertrophy experience!

Verdict: how does it compare?

BCAA supplements are everywhere and they vary in quality. Amino X is clearly on the upper end of that range, with a thoughtful approach to its amino blend and the quality of the digestive matrix.

The result is a product that knows what it wants to do – improve your workout experience and results – and it does it well. We like this coherent approach where everything is thoughtful and plays a part in the results!

Amino X is a great product for the serious, results-driven trainee!