Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my order of Oxyshred. Your price is by far the best I have ever seen and delivery was outstanding, my order was here within 24 hours! Thankyou so much, I will recommend your website to everyone I know who uses fat burners."

- Deanne

"You guys are unbelievable, the best! For the people reading the FBO facebook page, unsure of whether to purchase from them or not; you will not be dissapointed. Not only are shipments super quick, the Customer Service is unreal. Absolutely the best service I've experienced in years. Honestly FBO, so many other companies should take a leaf out of your book because you guys have seriously got your shit together when it comes to treating your customers. Polite, friendly, informative andextremely helpful. To the young lady who answers the phones (I think her name is Clara?) you are a gem and an asset to the company! The people who respond to facebook messages; superstars! I recently placed an order and there was a major backlog on the product - which was out of FBOs control - and the lady I spoke with sorted me out with express shipping as soon as it arrived back in stock and a couple of goodies. I didn't even expect that and I'm so grateful for it. I will continue to not only purchase from you guys, but share my story and experiences with everyone I talk to. Keep up the great work FBO! "

- Melissa Randall

"I just wanted to say that I'm really happy with the service from this company, specifically Clara. Last Sunday, 7th February 2016, I ordered the Albuterex V.2 from the website. With regular shipping, the package arrived on Friday 12-2-16 (Welshpool WA to Sydney NSW). Through no fault of their own, the package arrived damaged. I called the number listed on the website and spoke with Clara. Clara was very helpful and straight away arranged for a replacement to be shipped out. She went above and beyond my expectations, shipping it express (it has already arrived), and including a shaker and some samples for the delay. The price was right, and thanks to Clara's service I will be recommending this site to anybody who will listen - Thanks FBO!"

- Melvin Jenkinson

"I'm amazed at how fast I received my latest order! Purchased on Saturday, Received shipping confirmation on Yesterday, got my items TODAY!! Thank you so much!! Your excellent service has gained my loyalty to"

- Marilyn Till

"This is my first order with you and I have to say I am really impressed. The speed of delivery, the constant communication of where my package is via Australia Post. What a fantastic experience. Keep it up!!!"

- Kathryn

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