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Banned Substance Free Supplementation

Supplementation for Tested Athletes

Sport is at the heart of the Australian spirit. With Sport Supplements as a great edge to your training regime, taking the correct supplements is important. HASTA certified supplements, such as BSC Range, will not only help you perform at your best, but also give you peace of mind and confidence that you are consuming safe, banned substance free supplements.

Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA)

As an athlete a food first approach should always be prioritized when it comed to hitting your nutritional and macronutrient requirements. However smart supplementation can be beneficial for improving your performance, endurance and recovery. At Fat Burners Only we are passionate about educating elite tested athletes about the safe use of supplementation and guiding them in the right direction to ensure that they are using supplements which are evidence based, beneficial to their training, banned substance free and inaccordance with anti-doping rules set by WADA and ASADA.

We recommend that elite athletes use only third party (such as HASTA or Informed Sports) tested formulas which are individually batch tested and gauranteed to be banned substance free. Additionally athletes can choose to use only Group A supplements that are classified as being useful and evidence based products that may benefit performance. These supplements can include Carbohydrates, Electrolytes, Protein Isolates, BCAAs, Creatines, Beta-Alanine and Multivitamins. At Fat Burners Only our third party tested athlete range of choice is the Bodyscience HASTA approved range.

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HASTA Approved Protein

Taking a suitable protein after physical activity can help to replenish glycogen and strengthen muscles, reduce soreness and reduce risk of injury in future training sessions or games.

Strength & Recovery

These supplement can be beneficial to take in conjunction with protein after physical activity to further enhance recovery as well as improving strength and performance.

Performance Supplements

These HASTA certified products are some of the few guaranteed banned substance free performance supplements. Containing high quality ingredients with no banned stimulants they can be used before or during training or games to reduce fatigue, improve focus, energy, strength and explosive power.

Our Problem-Free Philosophy

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