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Build Muscle

Want to build muscle mass?

Dirty bulking isn't your only option. Modern supplementation is what will help you reach your mass gains goals. If you have any further questions please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team in the chat! They are more than willing to help guide you through what products will work best for your ultimate goal!

Build Muscle While Losing Fat

Building high-quality lean muscle is a tough game and although we specialise in weight loss building muscle is also one of our passions. Our CEO Paul Wigger was once a “string bean” gym junkie and a textbook “hard gainer”. After years of hard work in the gym, research and smart supplementation, he was able to put on 15kg of muscle and become the fit, healthy, muscular dude he is today. Paul knows the hard gainer struggle and loves helping our Burners reach their goals. Historically, muscle building supplements have been all about calories, carbs and dirty bulking. With modern supplementation and research, we know better and we do better. We stock and recommend mass gainers with high-quality protein, and high-quality carbohydrates sources. We also recommend important amino acids such as L-Glutamine (Arnold's fave) and Creatine, both of which are scientifically proven to be effective at improving strength and building lean muscle.


Mass Gainers

Ready for the gains? These heavy duty proteins are what you need to power house those lifts.

Glutamine & Creatine for Gains and Recovery

Heard of Glutamine and Creatine? If you haven't they are the superstars of gains and recovery.


Why take BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)? They are helpful in maintaining muscle mass while on a calorie-deficit diet. So you can get your muscle gains and lose fat at the same time.


For when you just can't get enough through your other foods throughout the day. Also a clean way to up your carb intake.

Test Boosters

Great for males for increasing test levels and levels of free test. Helpful in inhancing performance and muscle mass. Most effective when used in cognition with an estro sweeper.

Estro Sweepers

Designed to improve the ratio of estro and test. TO create an optimal environment for building lean muscle mass, enhancing performance and improving recovery.

Our Problem-Free Philosophy

Honestly, we’re just happy you’re here. We want you to be happy you’re here, too. If you’re not satisfied with any product for any reason, just reach out to the Customer Happiness Team. They’ll be more than happy to help you with product decisions, issues with your order and the like. #hakunamatata