FBO’s Supplement Brands

If you’re looking for the best of the best you’ve come to the right place, these are our tried and true brands. The most popular brands and their best selling products that we have available on Fat Burners Only.

If you’d prefer to explore all of our brands in bulk, visit our full list of brands in alphabetical order here.

PC Laboratories Best Sellers

PC Laboratories are the makers of the world first 3 Step Fat Loss System, a clinical approach to weight loss. In addition to their weight loss range PC Laboratories have developed a range of supplements to support muscle recovery and anti-ageing.

EHP Labs Best Sellers

EHP Labs are the makers of Australia’s top-selling fat burner Oxyshred and have been our number one brand for close to a decade. Along with Oxyshred they manufacture a high-class range of supplements to support weight loss, muscle recovery and performance.

ATP Science Best Sellers

ATP Science are the market leaders when it comes to general health and innovation in the supplement space. With a wonderful range of 100% natural products, the range is designed to support a wide range of health concerns and goals including weight loss, hormonal support, gut health and more.

Switch Nutrition Best Sellers

Switch Nutrition is an Australian Made, All Natural brand that’s not just about looking great but is about feeling great. With products to support health & wellbeing, sports performance, and weight loss Switch Nutrition has a product to help everyone.

X50 Lifestyle Most Popular

Green Tea X50 has been a household name in supplements for many years. Their healthy sachets of green tea and resveratrol have helped to support many weight loss journeys and refresh plenty of tired souls. In addition to their Green Tea, X50 Lifestyles also have a 2 in 1 fat burning pre workout Showtime and a delicious Lean Whey protein to hit your macros and aid satiation.

Muscle Nation Best Sellers

Muscle Nation is not only a beautiful range of athleisure but has also taken the supplement industry by storm with their super popular, tasty range of supplements. They’ve got their number #1 selling snack protein Casein Custard as well as their post-workout recovery protein 100% Whey Isolate.

Before You Speak Coffee

Before You Speak (BYS) is for coffee addicts all over the world. Their amazing blends of coffee + super foods is able to take your morning cup of joe to a whole new level of functionality all whilst tasting delicious. Whether your goal is weight loss, beauty, recovery or performance there’s a BYS to suit you!

Burner Body Apparel and Accessories

Burner Body is a range of Athleisure and accessories made with love by the FBO team if you’ve followed us for a while or if you’ve ever been to our warehouse you know our team practically live in activewear. The Burner Body range is a range of high quality products at affordable prices which we love.


THEAGEHACK is an elite range of supplements for health and longevity. Crafting quality science-backed supplements that help restore, rejuvenate, and invigorate, to leave you feeling like a younger healthier you. At THEAGEHACK we believe that it all starts with Beauty from within!

Prana On Best Sellers

Prana On have been the long-standing home for some of our most popular vegan supplements, including their Power Plant Protein and Phyto Fire Thermogenic Protein. Prana On are dedicated to fuelling physical fitness to the highest potential and their protein and supplements contain organic and natural ingredients.

One-hit Wonders!

These are some of our best selling brands that mostly sell one hero or show-stopping product that our Burners love! Don’t overlook them because they don’t have the range of the big boys! There’s a lot to be said for doing one thing damn well!

Smart Diet Solutions

Smart Diet Solutions

Smart Diet Solutions is one of our top-selling brands with only one best selling product! The Smart Protein Bar is the most popular protein bar on our website. Smart Protein bars contain a low number of calories and have a high protein content. Additionally they are 100% natural, created without heat and come in a variety of amazing flavours.

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Bioflex is a home-grown supplement Australian owned and made company with the best selling protein powder on our website Biofurnace. This protein is a high-quality lean protein that contains added thermogenic ingredients to support a weight loss and recovery goal.

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Rule 1

Rule 1

Rule 1 WPI has been a long time fave for our ultra lean burners. This premium grade whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed protein blend, is fast-digesting and perfect for post-workout recovery. Each serve of Rule 1 contains 25 grams of protein and zero grams of fat. With ZERO gums, ZERO creamers, ZERO sugar, ZERO fat, ZERO gluten (exc cookies & cream), ZERO fillers and ZERO amino acid spiking, Rule 1 is truly one of the cleanest, highest yielding proteins on the market of WPI’s.

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Slimtum is the maker of our strongest capsulated fat burner Prometheus. Prometheus Slimtum is a thermogenic lipolysis formula. Delivering high energy, weight loss and appetite suppression in capsule form! This product comes with a high amount of stimulants, we do not recommend it for beginners!

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Qenda is the creator of the incredible life-changing, gut saving formula Ultimate Fibre, previously known as Bowel Restore this product gained a cult following in the Australian health space and has helped thousands of people improve their digestive health, reduce bloating and heal their stomachs.

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ONNIT are the makers of Alpha Brain a nootropic and cognitive support supplement. Alpha Brain helps support your memory and focus and is formulated with select botanicals and amino acids to give you the edge you are after. All ingredients are from the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science.

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Home Grown Heroes

Fat Burners Only is proud to sell over 90% Australian brands. Amazing high-quality brands such as ATP Science, PC Laboratories, Bioflex, Green Tea X50, and Switch Nutrition are all proudly Australian owned and manufactured. We encourage our Burners to always shop local and thank you for supporting some great Australian brands and families. Here are some more of our much loved homegrown heroes!

The World’s Greatest

Our most popular brands list wouldn’t be complete without featuring some of the most popular supplement manufacturers in the world. We are proud to partner with long-standing high-quality brands such as Optimum Nutrition, makers of the world’s best-selling protein 100% Whey Gold Standard, and XTEND makers of XTEND BCAA’s the world’s most popular intra-workout!

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