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Our team at FBO was told to choose just ONE supplement they love and use daily. Here are the teams' favourite supplements and why they selected them!

Amy E • BioFurnace

I train 5-6 days out of the week but LOVE food. They call me the Snack Queen in the office. This is why I love BioFurnace Protein. I get my protein intake right after the gym for my muscle recovery, but with the added thermogenic, it helps me burn fat faster as well! It's low carb and is grass-fed whey protein, so it's the good stuff. Allows me to hit my fitness goals but still have my daily snacks :P

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Amy G • Estro Switch

If you didn't know, I am a mum of five! I love my kids, but I have to say the post hormones as I have become older are a b****

I take Estro Switch daily to help regulate my estrogen, plus it helps me maintain good energy! I can definitely tell the difference on days I forget to take Estro Switch in the morning. There is also the added benefit that it helps boost my metabolism and is great for my skin and hair! If you need hormonal support, Estro Switch is the supplement for you.

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Ashley • Plant Protein Muscle Nation

I switch up what protein I take, but I have my favourites, including the Muscle Nation Plant Protein. It's just so clean and tasty! It's the one I use the most, for sure. I love making Raw balls with it; the texture is perfect and blends well. You don't have to be dairy-free or vegan to enjoy an excellent plant-based protein; it just depends on what you are in the mood for!

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Daud • Kamikaze

Working at Australia’s most popular online health food store I have tried and looked into the formulas of all the best pre trainers on the market and so far, Kamikaze is my favourite. It is packed with ingredients to increase your energy, endurance and focus for better mind muscle connection. Kamikaze pre-workout will boost your training performance and take your workouts to a whole new level. Please contact us if you wanted a more in depth pre-workout recommendation 😊

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Fiona • Vitality Switch

100% Natural Super Greens Powder

Never fails, I have a vitality switch every day. We have multiple tubs in the office we all share, but I also have my own stash at home. I love it because it not only makes me feel good, but it completes my daily intake of greens. Vitality Switch makes me feel more awake, makes my gut happy and improves my focus for work.

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Kira • Adrenal Switch

If you've been watching our Instagram stories and reels, you might have noticed I talk a lot about sleep, recovery and gut health products. Unfortunately, I have what's called hypersomnia, which means I have poor sleep quality and am perpetually tired, so good sleep habits are a priority to me. That's why I have a scoop of Adrenal Switch every night to help my brain and body relax and give me the best chance at a good nights sleep. Plus, the added benefit of the extra magnesium to help my body heal and recover. (If you exercise in any way, magnesium is such a significant mineral to add to your evening routine. Did you know every cell in your body contains magnesium and needs it to function? Most of us do not get enough in our diets).

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Noah • Noway

I do a lot of full body exercises, including kickboxing and jujitsu, so it's essential not just to take protein for my muscles but also for all my flexibility and movement. NOWAY protein contains Bodybalance, a hydrolysed collagen peptide formula, which feeds my bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels. If you want a great protein with added collagen, NOWAY is what I'd go with!

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Paul • Glutamine

I take ProGlumine daily for all of the health benefits it delivers. My preference is ProGlutamine over other brands because it's 100% L-Glutamine without any other additives. It's tasteless, so I add it to my various beverages. Glutamine isn't just great for recovery but also is a metabolism booster and stops muscle catabolism. There are so many added benefits of glutamine; I could go on and on. If you want to know, our team is happy to chat further about it!

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Fraser • Creatine

Everyone in the warehouse likes to joke about my obsession with muscle gains and food prepping, so I, of course, am a big fan of ProCreatine. It helps me reach and obtain my muscle gain goals. I choose ProCreatine over other brands because it's pharmaceutical grade without anything else in it, so I know exactly what's going into my body. I add it to my protein shake after every workout session.

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A Supplement Regime for Health and Fat Loss

Fiona's here to fill you in on her day of supplements. As someone that works in the supplement industry and who's tried and tested quite a few products over the years. We thought it would be interesting to see what Fi has hand picked for her personal goals!

It's important to add that Fiona leads a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise. Plus everyone is different and not every supplement fits all. So if you would like to know if and how supplements can aid your goals, please get in touch. We would LOVE to hear from you!

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