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Pink is on the brain, our THINKPINK Staff Picks

Amy Staff Pick BSc Collagen Regenerate

Amy E • BSc Collagen Regenerate

Did someone say healthy joints, skin, hair and nails? I love this new product from BSc. Great ingredients and an epic way to get more collagen (digestible) in my diet.

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Ashley Staff Pick Casein Custard

Ashley • Casein Custard

I'm not sure I could ever get tired of the Casein Custard by Muscle Nation! I love all the new flavours they keep releasing. I used many of their proteins in the Raw Balls I make for myself and my friends.

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Vishal Staff Pick Veego Protein

Vishal • Veego Protein

Such a great choice in Vegan protein! They have tasty flavours that make for a great protein source for vegans or allergy-sensitive people. Great humans who have made this brand, check them out!

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Fiona Staff Pick x50 Green Tea

Fiona • x50 Green Tea

So many green tea flavours to choose from! I love x50 as a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up. It helps curb my appetite, so I'm not over-snacking (you know what office culture is like, sitting at a desk, snacks in reach). A great product to keep at your desk so if you need an energy boosts or if you feel snacky!

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Chloe Staff Pick Blessed Protein

Chloe • Blessed Protein

People go crazy for Blessed Protein! There is a huge following, and there is definitely a reason for it! So tasty with EPIC flavours, I love Blessed Protein. I keep a tub at my desk for a morning protein shake or after a session at the gym!

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Paul Staff Pick Switch Protein Bars

Paul • Switch Protein Bars

So if you come to visit us at the warehouse, you will find I'm rarely sitting down. Between phone calls, appointments, helping out customers and the team, I don't always have time to sit down to eat. That's why I LOVE these new Switch Protein bars. I eat 1-2 a day, no joke. They are so freaking tasty.

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Daud Staff Picks DVST8

Daud • DVST8

I like to change up my Pre-Workouts every now and again, and I've started using DVST8 by Inspired and I am really enjoying it! Such a fun great flavour! It helps me keep my focus and boost my energy at the gym so I can keep hitting my PBs.

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Hannah Staff Picks Estro Switch

Hannah • Estro Switch

Estro Switch is still one of the office favourites among us ladies. I find it helps balance out my hormones so well so I can feel and be my best. I have also found it is helping with my overall energy levels!

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Kira Staff Picks Gut Performance

Kira • Gut Performance

If you watch our social media channels, you know I'm the gut gal. I am allergic to way too many things, and my stomach gets mad if I eat something it doesn't like, and I love food, so this happens a lot... whoops. But I love Gut Performance because it helps to calm down the bloating and to help my stomach's digestion and function. So when I have dinner at a friend's house and accidentally eat something I shouldn't, I'm covered with my Gut Performance :)

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A Supplement Regime for Health and Fat Loss

Fiona's here to fill you in on her day of supplements. As someone that works in the supplement industry and who's tried and tested quite a few products over the years. We thought it would be interesting to see what Fi has hand picked for her personal goals!

It's important to add that Fiona leads a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise. Plus everyone is different and not every supplement fits all. So if you would like to know if and how supplements can aid your goals, please get in touch. We would LOVE to hear from you!

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