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Supplements to Take for Pregnancy

Good Vitamins & Minerals When Your Pregnant

Getting the right nutrients is important at every stage of life, and it’s especially critical during pregnancy, as you’ll need to nourish both yourself and your growing baby.

Supplements for Pregnancy

Depending on your personal circumstances, be prepared to take on the task of adding supplements to your daily routine if directed by your healthcare provider.

While some herbal supplements may be safe to take during pregnancy, there are far more that might not be. And, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of research regarding the use of herbal supplements by pregnant people, and much is unknown about how the supplements can affect you. You can contact our friendly customer service team anytime for more information on what supplements are pregnancy-friendly.

Pregnancy Essentials

We've picked some pregnancy essentials for you. Have a chat with your health professional to see if these supplements are suitable for your needs.

Collagen for Pregnancy

Collagen protein is a safe, effective way of getting more protein into your day. With the added benefits of improving hair, skin & nail health, gut health, joint & ligament support, collagen protein is a great option for everyone!

We always recommend speaking with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplements during pregnancy.

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