Top 10 Fat Burners Top 10 Fat Burners

Top 10 Fat Burners

What’s the best fat burner?

That would have to be our most asked question here at FBO and while we wish it was a simple answer, the truth is a bit more scientific. Your fat burner should be selected to suit your personal goals, caffeine tolerance and to address the biggest barriers that you experience on your weight loss journey. This top 10 is a selection of our best sellers, and gives a good overview of some great supplements available to help with weight loss! We’ve included products that are tried, tested and loved by our Burners, with enough variety so there’s something to suit everybody! We hope you find something you love, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team for a recommendation via our Contact Page!


10. Hydroxyburn Shred by Bodyscience

Banned Substance Free | Low Caffeine | HASTA Accredited

Made in Australia

Banned substance tested, if you are drug tested at work or for elite sport, this is the fat burner for you! Hydroxyburn Shred has been around for many years and is scientifically formulated to support your metabolism, energy needs, cognitive function, and general wellbeing. Each batch of Hydroxyburn Shred is batched tested and earns HASTA accreditation meaning that this product is tested for purity and confirmed free from banned substances as per the WADA and ASADA guidelines. This product contains 100mg of caffeine (approx. equiv. 1 cup of coffee) and is suitable for those with a low-medium caffeine tolerance.

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Phyto Shred

9. Phyto Shred Fat Burner by Prana On

Thermogenic Fat Burner | Low Caffeine | Vegan

Made in Australia

Phyto Shred is a team fave! Perfect if you are looking for a low caffeine, plant-based, 100% natural fat burner. This formula contains the equivalent caffeine of a cup of black tea making it perfect for use by those with a low caffeine tolerance or for someone who still loves to enjoy their morning coffee. Phyto Shred contains ingredients that support appetite suppression, energy production and fat mobilization.

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Keto Switch

8. Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition

Support Ketosis | Reduce Appetite | 100% Natural | Caffeine Free

Made in Australia

Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition is a 100% Natural exogenous Ketone Supplement designed to enhance ketosis, support mental function, increase mitochondrial energy, lower inflammation, support fat loss, and improve muscle recovery. Keto Switch is naturally sweetened, gluten-free, vegan, ketogenic, and sugar-free. Ketone products such as Keto Switch are popular among Keto Dieting circles for their ability to help avoid the "keto flu”. Keto products are also largely popular due to their noticeable appetite suppressing quality and their ability to support cognitive function whilst dieting.

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Destiny Fat Burner by Muscle Nation

7. Destiny Fat Burner by Muscle Nation

Amazing Flavours | Medium Caffeine | Thermogenesis

Australian Owned

Destiny by Muscle Nation is a well rounded fat burner with MN's signature flavour profiles, available in so many amazing flavours there is one for every body to enjoy. The Destiny formula contains a moderate amount of caffeine which is well balanced with key ingredients such as Alpha GPC to prevent a crash. It also impresses with it's clinically dosed Acetyl L-Carnitine, GBB which will both help to ensure your body is retaining lean tone and burning fat as it's primary fuel source.

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Oxyshred Hardcore

6. Oxyshred Hardcore by EHP Labs

High Caffeine | Intense Energy | Oxyshred Levelled Up

Australian Owned

Oxyshred Hardcore by EHP Labs is the "jacked up" version of Australia's best-selling fat burner Oxyshred. Designed to deliver a super-dosed punch of energy, razor-sharp focus, mood enhancement and fat burning. Perfect for those looking to go up a level with their fat burner after using the Oxyshred Original formula for an ongoing period. We wouldn’t recommend this product for first time fat burner users or those with a low caffeine tolerance. Oxyshred Hardcore is one of the strongest available on the Australian market containing 250mg of caffeine per serve (approx equiv. 2 cups of coffee).

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PC Laboratories

5. PC Laboratories Fat Loss Stack

Fast Track your Fat Burner | Non Stim Fat Loss | Natural Fat Loss

Made in Australia

The PC Laboratories Fat Loss Stack is made up with ProALCAR and ProCLA, these are not just killer stand-alone fat burners but also make the perfect addition to any thermogenic! By adding these two products into your fat burning regime you will ensure the elevated calorie burn you get from exercise or with a high quality fat burner such as Oxyshred, is coming from primarily body fat (ProALCAR helps to use body fat as a primary fuel source) located on the stomach and thighs (ProCLA targets stubborn body fat areas). These two products are all-natural, and caffeine-free making them a suitable supplementation option for the majority of people with a fat loss goal.

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Green Tea x50

4. Green Tea X50

Low Caffeine | Fat Burning | Hydration

Australian Owned

Green Tea X50 has been a household staple in Australian homes for over a decade! One of our most loved weight loss supplements X50 is a great natural low caffeine alternative to a strong caffeine-based fat burner. The metabolism-boosting goodness of green tea extract blended with the powerful antioxidant resveratrol X50 delivers a 1, 2 punch for those with a weight loss goal. This product is perfect for those who are caffeine sensitive and helps to flavour water making it easy to hit your daily water intake.

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3. Amperage by ATP Science

100% Natural | Non Stimulant | Suppress Appetite | Plant Based

Made in Australia

Amperage by ATP Science is a super unique fat burning product. It is a non-stimulant, 100% natural, vegan friendly, fat burning oil rich in omegas and CLA (one of our favourite fat burning ingredients for stubborn body fat). Amperage has a strong peppermint flavour that helps with thermogenesis (increasing body temperature) but can also help to hide “diet breath”. Additionally Amperage is effective at appetite suppression and reducing brain fog during dieting.

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Oxyshred Fat Burner

2. Oxyshred Fat Burner by EHP Labs

Beginners Fat Burner | Amazing Taste | Best Seller

Australian Owned

Oxyshred by EHP Labs is Australia's favourite fat burner and has been one of our best selling products at FBO Supplements for the past 8 years. This stellar track record is not without reason, the team at EHP Labs have nailed this product in terms of formula and flavour. Oxyshred is perfect for a wide range of people, whether you are looking for a clean energy boost or chasing an ambitious fat loss goal, Oxyshred is the perfect place to start.

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3 Step Fat Burner

1. PC Laboratories 3 Step Fat Burner Stack

Burn Calories | Target Body Fat | Hit Hard Areas | Clinical Formula

Made in Australia

This is the best selling fat burning stack on FBO. PC Laboratories offer a complete approach to fat loss with their 3 capsulated fat burning supplements ProBurn, ProALCAR and ProCLA. Together the products included in the PC Laboratories 3 Step Fat Burner Stack work synergistically to: Release stubborn fat, also known as adipose tissue, from the stomach, hips and thighs (Step 3: ProCLA). Move this now free (released fat) into the mitochondria (engine room) of the cell (Step 2: ProALCAR+ Plus GBB) and finally to increase your metabolism and burn this body fat as fuel (ProBurn).

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The Most Popular Fat Burner Stack

If you’re frustrated with stubborn fat and struggling to lose that last 5kg to reach your weight loss goals we can help!

Want to achieve weight loss results faster? PC Laboratories has created ProALCAR+ and ProCLA to target body fat and hit stubborn areas. When you pair these two with ANY fat burner every time, you will be able to see a difference.

ProALCAR+ GBB ensures that your calorie burn is being fuelled by body fat and not muscle tissue.

ProCLA Essential will target and release stubborn fat into the bloodstream to be better utilised as a viable fuel source.

Pair these two with Oxyshred to see results!

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