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Top 10 Pre Workouts

What’s the strongest Pre-Workout?

Mmm pre-workout, go-go juice, do the thang squeeze, happy water. Whatever you call it, a pre-workout can make or break your workout. It’s a fine line between storming the weights section at the gym, smashing a WOD and vomiting in the carpark, or not making it to the gym at all because your curled up in a ball on the couch itching your ears off coz you went too hard. There’s a right pre-workout for everyone, and we hope this guide helps you to find the right fit for you! These amazing pre-workouts are hand selected by our team for their ability to help you PERFORM. We’re talking optimal Pump, Focus, Energy and Strength. Just the thought of an amazing pre-workout makes us want to pump iron on the inside! BOOM! Let’s get it!

Bodyscience K-OS Pre Workout

10. Bodyscience - K-OS Pre-Workout

Low Stim | Athlete Formula | ASADA WADA Testing Safe Supplement 
Made in Australia
K-OS Pre-Workout by Australian household brand Bodyscience is a high-quality performance-boosting pre workout perfect for elite athletes. Designed to support energy levels, mental concentration, focus and clarity. K-OS Pre Workout is HASTA certified, making the product banned substance free and suitable for those who are in an ASADA or WADA regulated sport.

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Muscle Nation Legacy

9. Muscle Nation - Legacy

High Stim | Non-Adaptive (Energy Every Time) | MN Flavour System
Australian Owned
Muscle Nation has entered the supplement world and taken it by storm. With their incredible flavouring system, their Legacy Pre-Workout is another hit on the FBO Supps website. This reliable, high-energy pre-workout comes in 5 amazing flavours. Legacy contains one of our teams’ favourite ingredients Teacrine to bolster the stimulant profile in this pre-workout. Teacrine is a naturally occurring compound that is similar to caffeine and is renowned for it’s non-adaptive properties, meaning that your body will not adapt to the compound, ensuring great energy delivery with every dose.

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Legit Supps Legit Edge

8. Legit Supps - Legit Edge

High Stim | Clinical Doses | Nootropics for Focus
Made in Australia
Pump, Stims, Nootropics, Endurance. This comprehensive formula by Legit Supps contains all of the gym-junkie fave ingredients in solid doses, load up on 6 grams of Citrulline Malate (Pump), 200mg of English Walnut (Stimulant), 250mg of Alpha GPC (Nootropic) and 3.2 grams of Beta Alanine (Endurance) If you want a pre-workout you can feel Legit Edge is a great place to start.

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Primabolics Grind

7. Primabolics - Grind

Caffeine Free | Evening Training & Shift Workers | Pump & Endurance
Made in Australia
Grind by Primabolics is a high-quality non-caffeinated pre-workout for pump, performance, and focus. Grind is stacked full of clinically dosed ingredients (it's a 20-gram serving size! WOAH) making this ideal for supplement snobs who are a little on the caffeine-sensitive side, shift workers, or those who are training late in the evening.

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Switch Nutrition Power Switch

6. Switch Nutrition - Power Switch

Low-Medium Caffeine | 100% Natural | Paul’s Choice
Made in Australia
Paul’s #1 personal choice of pre-workout, Power Switch is a 100% natural formula designed to enhance your workouts, improve mental focus and with no crash and no jitters. The new Power Switch contains the innovative ingredient Alpina Galanga that is designed to help amplify the effect of caffeine alertness with no negative side effects.

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Athletic Sports Kamikaze

5. Athletic Sports - Kamikaze

High Caffeine | Best Tasting | Creatine Free

Australian Owned 
Kamikaze is a high stim pre-workout that boasts an impressive 650mg of stim but countered with adaptogens Kamikaze is sure to give you your best workout for whatever sport you do without any sort of crash. It is also one of the few Creatine Free pre-workouts which means no fluid gains during your training, or you can dose more accurately with a separate Creatine product. Available in 8 incredible flavours this baby is a PB maker if we’ve ever seen one!

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Cellucor C4

4. Cellucor - C4

Low to Medium Caffeine | World’s Best-Selling Pre-Workout | Great for Beginners
 C4 by Cellucor is the world’s bestselling pre-workout, a well-rounded formula, perfect for beginners and gym junkies alike. The C4 formula is perfect for delivering energy, pumps, focus, strength, and endurance during your next training session. C4 contains active ingredients including Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, Creatine, and Arginine that help to enhance Energy, Endurance, Strength and Pumps respectively.

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EHP Labs Pride

3. EHP Labs - Pride

Crash Free | Off The Bone Pumps | Makers of Oxyshred  
Austalian Owned
From the Makers of Australia’s best selling fat burner Oxyshred and their prize athlete Zac Perna, Pride is EHP Labs high performance advanced pre-workout. Pride is the first pre-workout to contain Pentaffeine a 5-stage caffeine blend included to deliver sustained energy with no crash. Additionally Pride contains 3 other comprehensive ingredient blends to aid performance: Skin Splitting OFF The Bone PUMPS, Performance EAA Blend, Super Nootropic Focus Blend.

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RDN Dragons Breath Black

2. RDN - Dragons Breath Black

High Stim Product | Cutting Edge Formula | Beta Alanine Free 
Made in Australia
From Red Dragon legends, Reece, Ryan and Jarrod, Dragons Breath Black is a strong team and Burner favourite Pre-Workout. This cutting-edge formula contains modern ingredients such as English Walnut, Betaine and Glycine, included to deliver optimal energy, clarity and pumps. This formula is also Beta-Alanine Free which means no freaky tingling or itchy feeling making it suitable for first time users or seasoned vets.

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JDN Altered State

1. JDN Altered State

Clinically Dosed Performance | Medium to High Caffeine | Good All Rounder
Made in Australia
Crowned the king by our team, JDN’s Altered States is our number one pick for pre-workout. Delivering a solid serve of active performance ingredients and nootropics with a single scoop and mind-blowing training sessions with 2 scoops. Focus, Energy, Pumps delivered in clinical doses, this awesome formula ticks all the boxes.

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