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Why buy with us

Our Motto

At Fat Burners Only, we aim to help everyone live better, healthier lives. We are committed to seeing positive change in our community with the aim to spread love, kindness and happiness, one handwritten note at a time.

Why buy with us

...and that’s why - “There’s no other store like us”

We hear this phrase time and again from our loyal customers (Burners as we like to call them) and without blowing up our own balloon, we know that it’s true. We have an incredible team, our customer service team’s depth of knowledge is next level, but what really makes the difference is the level of care our team pours into every single customer.

From two orders a day in the beginning to 200+ orders at present, we still take the time each morning to write a hand-written, heart-felt note to each and every customer. This is something we are 100% committed to, even when our hands cramp and even on our busiest days. The thought that this silly little note might brighten a Burners day makes it 100% worthwhile.

The current supplement industry overflows with information, not to mention mis-information. We pride ourselves and consider it our responsibility to offer deliberate and honest advice in addition to a personalised and in-depth customer experience.

We care a lot about this! So, if you are buying supplements today, whether from us or elsewhere – please watch this video!

Yes! We are a real business!!

You might be amazed at how often we get phone-calls asking this question, or checking to see if we are a real business… The phone-call normally goes like this:

Customer Service: Thank you for calling Fat Burners Only this is Sara speaking

Burner: Oh! Hi! So you are a real business!!

Customer Service: (laughing) yes we are!! ????

Burners: Phew, I just ordered from you, but it was so much cheaper than normal, and free express shipping.. I wasn’t sure!

Customer Service: Haha yes, we are certainly a real business and we will make sure we get your order out today, what’s your name and I’ll see that it gets looked after with some extra goodies personally ????

etc.. etc..

That is for real! If you still need convincing, give us a call, or our Trustpilot reviews are all over our website!

Reasons to Shop with Fat Burners Only

Now we’ve established that we are a real business, that cares about our customers and their goals deeply and that can help with more than just weight loss. What else can we offer?

We're an odd collection of extra happy, extra caring, generally “extra” people. We put everything we’ve got into delivering a unique and amazing experience for our Burners. These are some of the ways we do it:

The Best Prices in Australia – Guaranteed

We work hard to make sure our prices are the best in Australia, but if you find a lower price on any identical items in Australia, we’ll beat it! Just chat to our friendly team or e-mail us!

Free Express Shipping on ALL Australian Orders

That is, no calculating shipping limits or weights or any such tosh, it’s just free and it’s crazy fast. Orders arrive in 1-2 business days max. (Yes, it costs us a fortune, but worth it – to give our Burners the best service)

Buy Now – Pay Later. We have Afterpay available

On all orders, no minimum spends and no additional fees. Buy Now – Pay Later. We have Afterpay available on all orders, no minimum spends and no additional fees.

We stock a Massive Range of supplements

If you are unable to find the product you are looking for. Please get in contact with our friendly team, we will look into stocking it in the future!

More Than Weightloss

Should we change our name?

Whilst our business is titled Fat Burners Only and our speciality is helping our customers achieve their weight loss goals in a healthy manner, our team’s in-depth knowledge and our product range is far larger than weight loss alone.

We help our customers with a huge range of personal fitness and health goals and or problems including; aiding the correction of hormonal, general health and gut issues.

Really, we should be called, “Everything but Mass Gainers” but the ring doesn’t seem quite right… What do you think? If you have a suggestion for a new name, send us an email!

PS. Your many entries of Healthy McHealthface are much appreciated and duly noted!

Constructive Feedback

One of the biggest things we thrive from here at Fat Burners Only is constructive feedback. While we always do our best to create an amazing experience for our Burners no one knows better than our customers what works, and doesn’t work, for them.

So, if you have some innovative new ideas, or suggestions on our service we ask you to please share them with us! We promise we won’t take offence, and will still include samples in your order, we would just love the opportunity to improve our service to you!


Our Problem-Free Philosophy

Honestly, we’re just happy you’re here. We want you to be happy you’re here, too. If you’re not satisfied with any product for any reason, just reach out to the CustomerHappiness Team. They’ll be more than happy to help you with product decisions, issues with your order and the like. #hakunamatata