Bariatric Surgery Supplements Supplements for Batriatric Surgery Recovery

Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Are you preparing for, or recovering from Bariatric Surgery?

The Bariatric Surgery Recovery Pack is designed specifically to support the recovery of patients who have recently undergone bariatric surgery. We want to make it easier and cheaper for you to purchase everything you need so you feel supported, with all the information you need about your post-op supplementation needs. Plus we offer FREE express shipping, so you don't have to wait to start your aftercare!

WLS Products: Our best picks for post-surgery recovery!

We recommended using the following stack to provide you with the essential nutrients and protein to support your healing journey.

Protein Supplements

Protein deficiency is the most severe macronutrient complication associated with Bariatric Surgery, usually occurring within a few months of the procedure. We’ve found the best quality, most easily absorbed forms of protein to ensure you don’t end up with a protein deficiency and to speed up your healing process.

Snacks: Healthy protein options to keep you from snacking!

Easy to break up and eat throughout the day! We have a full range of protein snacks, ask our team to explore the website for more!

Post-surgery Recovery

At Fat Burners Only, we are here to support you by providing the best quality supplements at an affordable price for your post-op recovery. We have an extremely knowledgeable customer service team to help you with any questions you may have leading up to your surgery as well as preparing you for your post-surgery recovery.

While you know that a great vitamin and mineral supplement regimen is important for after surgery, the standard “vitamin regimen” can miss some important needs. Using supplements that are naturally sourced and easily absorbable is crucial to ensure the body is getting the nutrients it needs without causing any additional strain on the gut.

We recommended using the following stack to provide you with the essential nutrients and protein to support your healing journey.

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Vital Food

A natural, easily absorbable multivitamin (available in both capsules and a naturally flavoured powder).

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NOWAY Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein by ATP Science

Noway Hydolyzed Collagen Protein

A high quality, easily digestible collagen protein to aid in the healing of the gut wall as well as offering additional daily protein for your patients. Noway Protein is available in unflavoured as well as in 9 delicious, all-natural flavours.

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ProGlutamine by PC Laboratories


L-Glutamine works to heal and repair the gut lining as well as control carbohydrate and sugar cravings and support immunity. We strongly suggest adding L-Glutamine to all Post WLS surgery patients’ supplement protocol.

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