Oxywhey Lean Wellness Protein by EHP Labs

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OxyWhey Lean Wellness Protein is a 100% pure, lean, non-GMO whey protein supplement by EHPlabs. Each scoop contains 25g of high quality protein along with scientifically proven ingredients to help with weight loss, gut health, wellness and vitality. Oxywhey is perfect to use post-training for recovery or during the day to increase your nutritional protein intake.

Oxywhey Lean Wellness Protein by EHP Labs

OxyWhey Lean Wellness Protein is a protein supplement of the purest kind! Another amazing product from EHP Labs, the manufacturers of Oxyshred and Oxysleep, Oxywhey is a unique non-GMO whey protein blend backed by science and is 100% pure and lean.

This protein is a little different to your average supplement and is designed to make your system feel cleaner and leaner with gut health-promoting qualities eliminating potential bloating and discomfort.

OxyWhey has been specifically designed as an ‘anytime protein supplement’, ideal for those looking to hit the weights or engage in light cardio at whatever time of day suits best.

Under 150 calories per serving and with zero artificial stuff added, OxyWhey is the perfect addition for those looking to shred and have their sights set on staying lean. It also boasts 1 billion CFU of L. Rhamnosus – a mega-probiotic with an astounding list of health benefits!

How to use Oxywhey:

We recommend using Oxy Whey by EHP Labs twice daily. OxyWhey can be taken in the mornings with breakfast to help boost your metabolism, increase energy levels and boost your mood or within an hour after exercising as a post-workout supplement to help with muscle recovery, reducing muscle soreness and fatigue as well as to help support lean muscle tissue development.

Who can take Oxywhey:

Both men and women can use Oxywhey Lean Wellness Protein as an after training protein supplement, or to increase their protein intake during their daily nutrition. Oxywhey is suitable for all healthy individuals looking to increase their lean muscle mass or maintain lean muscle, shed unwanted fat, improve muscle recovery, and muscle fatigue.