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Gut Performance is a scientifically developed food product with a range of natural ingredients that promote gut health, it is a great dietary addition for anyone looking to improve performance, general health and wellbeing. Gut Performance is 100% Natural, contains Australian ingredients plus is free from gluten, GMOs and artificial ingredients.

Key Features

  • Active Prebiotic bring your gut microbiome back to a healthy environment
  • Improves general health, both in mind and body
  • Assists in weight loss (as shown in a dietician-led real-life study)
  • Significantly reduces bloating
  • Improves intestinal absorption function
  • Lowers the Glycemic Index (GI) when taken with food
  • Reduces gut inflammation
  • Gluten-Free – Hypoallergenic, Non-GMO, FODMAP friendly
  • Contains NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or chemical stimulants

Gut Performance Travel Packs

Overview: what is it?

It’s a gut supplement for everyone; a healthy blend of plant extracts and minerals for overall wellbeing and a happier gut! Now in handy travel sachets!

This product comes with a mixture of quality minerals and plant-based ingredients that stabilise, regulate, and protect your digestive system. Plus it tastes great! 

Overview: everything you need to know

  •   Gut support product
  •   Combines plant extracts and essential minerals
  •   Supports digestion, metabolism, and hormonal wellbeing
  •   Can be very useful during calorie-restricted diets for regular digestive health 

Ingredients: what is in it?

1.     Sugarcane stem fiber

The main fiber source, helping regulate metabolism and digestion. It also helps you feel more full, making for a great boost to satiety when cravings pop up and you need to pad out a meal.

2.     Red Sorghum

This is an anti-inflammatory, pro-digestive plant extract. It is also packed with various essential minerals, combining the two goals of this product: gut regularity and mineral support.

3.     Potassium bicarb

Potassium bicarb is great for neutralising excessive acidity in the gut, as well as reducing the risk of other common issues like cramping.

Potassium is also great to get into your diet, since it counteracts sodium and is a key electrolyte.

4.     Beetroot powder

This provides two major benefits: fiber and improved blood-flow.

The fiber of wholebeetroot powder supports gut regularity, like other forms of fiber.

The beet itself, however, improves bloodflow and hydration. This can help deliver nutrients to the muscles for better exercise recovery and endurance performance, depending on dosage.

Benefits: what is it for?

This supplement combines the two major benefits outlined above: improved gut regularity support and nutritional support from essential minerals.

These provide you with a healthier, happier digestive environment. It also directly tackles issues like cramping and acidity, while regulating digestion and metabolism.

Verdict: how does it compare?

This is a product that shines from it’s solid approach to the basics – and it’s inclusive benefits. No matter your age, diet, or goals, you’re going to get something from Gut Performance.

These are 4 great major benefits we can all gain something from. It’s a simple everyday sachet, and it can save you a lot of bellyache in the long-term. Figuratively and literally!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Gut Performance OK to take during pregnancy?

    Whilst we have customers who are still using Gut Performance during their pregnancy we always recommend that you do so after checking with your Medical Practitioner.

  • Is Gut Performance good for IBS?

    Gut Performance is an active broad-spectrum prebiotic and is helping many IBS sufferers worldwide albeit in different ways. IBS and symptoms vary from person to person.

  • When should I take Gut Performance?

    Anytime is a good time to take Gut Performance. If taken with, or close to a meal it will lower the GI (Glycaemic Index) of food. Many customers love it first up in the morning and many take it at night. It is totally up to you.