Downers Sleep & Stress Support by Faction Labs

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If there’s one thing we all need to do better, it’s sleep. Downers Sleep & Stress Support protects you from stress, anxiety, and the result-stalling effects of sleep loss. Using Downers helps you reduce your anxiety levels, squash stress, and get better sleep. This shows up in the way your body recovers, the way your mind rests after a long day, and the physical processes that go into exercise recovery and progress.

Key Features

  • Improved sleep contributes to all areas of life
  • Improves sleep quality, quantity, and speed – no more tossing and turning
  • Clinically effective ingredients like valerian and melatonin
  • Range of effective herbal sedatives and relaxants for complete relaxation
  • Supports better mood, cognition, and exercise recovery through sleep
  • Reduces the impact and damage of stress on your health and mood

Downers Sleep & Stress Support by Faction Labs

Downers are a supplement with one goal: squash stress, boost sleep. 

They use a blend of effective and proven herbal supplements to lower waking and sleeping anxiety levels. These include some popular compounds you may already know:

  • Valerian
  • Ashwagandha
  • Jujube
  • Lemon balm
  • Passion flower
  • Maca
  • Chamomile
  • Corydalis

These are established herbs in traditional medicines and alternative medicine. They’re great for reducing anxiety and stress to help you sleep sooner, faster, and deeper. This means transferring to better mental and physical performance when you wake up feeling fresh, energised, and rested.

Valerian and Chamomile are proven anxiolytics, reducing anxiety in the mind and tension in the body. This leads to better muscle relaxation, better sleep, and more effective mental recovery. It also helps regulate mood, preventing mood disorder, and preventing sleep fragmentation. 

Passion flower is a great addition to these compounds as a potent muscle relaxant / sedative. It helps induce sleep and drowsiness, and specifically reduces muscle tone for better recovery. 

Maca and ashwagandha are protectives. They reduce the risk of stress-damage to things like hormones and brain function. They help you maintain your normal health and wellbeing, supporting the benefits of valerian and chamomile.

By combining the powers of these herbal ingredients, you get a powerful sedative / relaxant effect. Your stress levels are lowered as anabolic hormones take over, sleep becomes easier, and your rest is more restful. 

The recovery benefits of this reach into every area of life from mood to sport performance to mental performance. You become a better version of yourself when you’re well-rested, and Downers is the perfect one-capsule supplement to help you maximise that rest!