Uppers Energy & Focus by Faction Labs

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Uppers are a powerful stimulatory capsule that supports greater energy production, metabolic rate, cognitive function and thyroid function.  Packed with powerful ingredients Faction Labs Uppers provides amazing benefits for mental and physical performance. This supplement will leave you feeling energised by improving your everyday performance, workouts and fat-burning abilities.

Key Features

  • Powerful but manageable stimulant content
  • Multiple stimulant sources to reduce side effects and improve results
  • Supports metabolic rate through thermogenesis
  • Improves fat and carb metabolism for energy, health, and performance
  • Supports thyroid function to support better weight management

Uppers Energy & Focus by Faction Labs

Uppers are a simple 2-capsule way to boost a range of performance factors that go into better lifestyle. They’re not limited to one improvement, offering physical and mental boosting ingredients alike.

The design combines synergistic compounds to get the most out of each capsule. It’s a powerful stimulatory capsule, but offers a balanced and healthy amount of caffeine for those who are looking for a boost without a crash!

Caffeine is the place to start. It’s at the core of the alertness and energy levels this product promises. You’ll get 100mg per capsule, or 200mg in a 2-capsule serving.

This is a great amount as a pick-me-up with enough control over dosage to stay even-keeled. It’s a way to boost energy and fat-burning effectively, while keeping you far below the recommended upper intake for caffeine (350-400mg).

This is split between green coffee bean extract and green tea leaf extract. This means a combination of their benefits, including antioxidant effect, better fat-metabolism from tea, and a sustainable, natural caffeine source.

It’s a sustainable dose – allowing you to take capsules throughout the day to stay peaked without worrying the crash. The caffeine content is perfectly measured to balance up against the other focus and energy ingredients in Uppers.

This is paired with citrus aurenum, a bitter orange extract. This is also stimulatory but works on a different pathway to caffeine – meaning it doesn’t risk cumulative side effects. It also means a second hit of mental performance benefits and, in particular, thermogenic activity.

This is a great combination for getting better results, even as a regular caffeine user before starting Uppers. It also means burning more fat, combining the best benefits of bitter orange with the synergistic benefits of green tea and green coffee bean.

It’s not all stimulants. There’s a foundation of powerful metabolic and consistent energy support in the B vitamins Uppers offer.

With B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, uppers help you get more energy from your food. Then, they help you manage it better to keep your systems fuelled up and prevent needless energy loss. This is a great, healthy way to boost your metabolic efficiency and support wakefulness and performance alike.

This is paired with Iodine, the most important mineral for thyroid function to make sure you’re taking care of the hormones that rule your metabolism. English walnut improves circulation as well as mental performance, and even increases fat uptake from the blood.

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Adults only, take 1 hard capsule with water twice daily or as directed by your health professional. Doses must be separated by a minimum of 3 hours. The maximum dosage is 2 hard capsules daily. Store below 25°C in a cool dry place away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not use if tamper seal is broken or missing.