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Finaflex Ketone Test Strips 

Checking urine samples for ketone bodies is an easy and affordable way to know if you are in ketosis. Use Finaflex Ketone Test Strips for quick and accurate results.

If you have been following the keto diet or using a keto supplement for losing weight, it is advisable to keep track of your ketosis. While there are many ways to know if you are in ketosis, using ketone strips for urine is perhaps the best way.

What is a Ketone Strip?

A ketone strip is a thin long piece of plastic that helps to detect urine ketone levels. At one end of the strip, there is a test pad. When the test pad comes in contact with ketones in the urine sample, it changes its color. 

You can estimate your urine ketone levels by comparing the color of the test pad with the color chart printed on the packaging. Typically, a darker test pad color indicates higher ketone levels in urine.   

Ketone Test Strips specifically detect the levels of acetoacetic acid, which is a ketone produced by the degradation of fats in the body.

Ketone Test Strips Key Features

  •      Quick results; the entire test takes just 15 seconds.
  •      Affordable; simple tests should not cost a fortune!
  •      Easy-to-use; just dip it in the sample and wait 15 seconds.
  •      Accurate; more accurate than keto breath.
  •      Ideal for new keto dieters.

Ketone Test Strips Contents & Directions


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Ketone Strips by Finaflex

Ketone Strips by Finaflex

Finaflex Ketone Test Strips for Urine

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