Ghost Size V2 By Ghost Lifestyle

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Size v2 is Ghost’s new and improved approach to building muscle mass and gaining quality weight.

It’s somewhere between a workout-support compound and an all-purpose performance supplement. Size works by fuelling your muscles with the fuels that they need to do their job, signal for growth, and build both size and strength.

Key Features

  • Supports muscular function to produce better workouts
  • Contributes to muscular recovery and signalling for better growth
  • Perfect for improving strength, size, and muscular endurance at the same time
  • Covers the whole range of workout types from strength to bodybuilding to endurance
  • Digestive support improves effectiveness as well as gut health using this product

Ghost Size V2 By Ghost Lifestyle

Size isn’t a mass gainer, it’s closer to a pre-workout in some ways. This is performance fuel but not in the same way as many of the products on the market.

It offers a wide-ranging set of benefits for daily use that extend from strength to power to endurance to health. These are amazing in their scope and combined effects – the results are varied but clear, giving you the best of all worlds and making Size a smart choice for everyone.

Looking through the ingredients, it’s clear just how wide and thorough these benefits are…

Creatine is all about strength and strength-endurance. Muscle energy levels are boosted, giving you the extra ‘puff’ to get through hard workouts in any sport or pursuit, from 1-rep maxes to longer endurance and HIIT workouts.

Beta-alanine is the creatine of endurance (you heard it here first). It’s directly tied to improving your muscular endurance and repeated bout performance – it buffers against the metabolic decline of muscular performance in repeated bouts and helps you keep going, beating fatigue when you need it most.

Betaine is a natural, plant-extracted form of nitric oxide booster. This pushes oxygen and nutrients into the muscles by improving blood-flow, meaning better recovery between efforts and a sweet pump along the way with extra vascularity.

Epicatechin is a tea-extract compound that is involved in burning up fats as fuels, which is great for general metabolic health. Specifically, however, it supports better endurance performance, where you’re burning up more fat and less carbs, making sure you’re a well-rounded metabolic machine.

Senactiv is a mixture of herbal extracts – primarily ginseng. This is a powerful traditional herb supplement that has wide ranging benefits to health, immune function, and mood – combatting fatigue and stress to improve workouts, recovery, and growth.

Astragin is another ginseng blend. This time it’s blended with astragalus to produce a powerful gut-support compound and drastically improve digestion of nutrients in Size, offering better results in every dose – even without expanding the doses of active ingredients.

Nutritional Panel

On training days, take immediately post-workout. On non-training days, take Ghost SIZE first thing in the morning. Mix 1 scoop with water (or mixed into GHOST Whey or GHOST Legend Pre-workout).