All Natural Protein Brownie Baking Mix by Muscle Nation

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Muscle Nation Brownie Mix

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Muscle Nation Protein Brownie is a 100% natural, vegan friendly, and totally delicious snack. With only 30 minutes needed to prepare them this fast healthy snack can be enjoyed anytime. 

Key Features

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Plant Based Protein
  • Simply add water (or milk of choice)
  • Ready in 30 minutes!
  • Quick & easy! 
  • No Dairy
  • No Gluten
  • Vegan Friendly

All Natural Protein Brownie Baking Mix by Muscle Nation

A high-protein brownie mix that you can make at home – just add water!

This product is great fun, easy to make, and the end-result is a double choc fudge brownie that actually helps your fitness goals. We can’t think of anything better!

The instructions are simple, the brownie is delicious, and you’re going to get 21g of protein for every 100g of brownie. It’s also surprisingly low in sugar and high in fiber, for a brownie this good.

Protein Brownie Baking Mix Overview: everything you need to know

  •        High protein brownie mix
  •        Easy to mix and cook, only needs water and a spatula
  •        Low in sugar, high in fiber, and 100 calories per cooked brownie
  •        Delicious, healthier alternative to the classic brownie with the same great taste
  •        Completely vegan, with a blend of brown rice and pea proteins

Protein Brownie Baking Mix Ingredients: what is in it?

The interesting bit is the completely vegan ingredient list. And no ingredient is more important to this brownie than the mix of pea and brown rice proteins. This makes it high-protein, completely vegan, and gives that classic smooth texture you want from a brownie.

The other ingredients rely on brilliant plant-based compounds like cocoa powder and coconut flower nectar to provide all those rich, indulgent brownie flavours you’re used to. Without the extra fats, sugars, and dairy.

It’s packed with vegan chocolate chunks to give you the classic gooey, delicious flavours while keeping calories low. The fats in this product are high-quality MCTs, which are a big step up from the classic butter fats.

The ingredient list covers some of the best plant powders, extracts, and other ingredients you could get your hands on. However, the simple fact is that these ingredients end up with every brownie providing around 7g of protein, 3.5g of fiber, and only 100 calories.

Protein Brownie Baking Mix Benefits: what is it for?

This brownie mix exists so that you can really enjoy your diet to the max without worrying about how many calories you’re getting in from a normal brownie. While a normal brownie slice might be 300+ calories, most of them sugar and butter-fat, this is a lean treat. 

It’s still delicious, though, packing some of the best natural, plant-based ingredients to reproduce the classic brownie flavours and textures without the guilt.

This helps you get the most from your diet, enjoy it as much as possible, and keep your protein intake high. It’s a great way of beating back cravings with a fun, interesting, and delicious bake. There’s never a bad time to turn your bad choices into good ones – and this brownie is exactly that.

Protein Brownie Baking Mix Verdict: how does it compare?

It’s a great product and it carves out a great niche. It’s Australian-owned and it provides a great alternative to some of the standard protein-rich snacks or treats.

It’s a great choice if you want to have a lot of fun in the kitchen with your loved ones, or if you just want to cook up something delicious for yourself to give you a better snacking option. We like preparing it in advance, wrapping it up, and using it for things like work snacks or evening treats.

Whatever your plan with a fudgy, delicious brownie, this is a perfect option for making it healthy, delicious, and satisfying!

Nutritional Panel

All Natural Protein Brownie Baking Mix - DOUBLE CHOC FUDGE

Frequently asked questions

  • How many brownies does 1 packed of Muscle Nation Protein Brownies make?

    Each packet of Brownie Mix makes 9 serves at 100 calories per serve.