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Iso Whey Clear Flavour

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Super-pure protein isolate supplement! Features ProHydrolase for rapid absorption. Stim-free whey protein product.

Key Features

  • 22g whey protein!
  • Features ProHydrolase
  • 90 calories
  • Fruity Translucent Liquid
  • Low carb formula

Iso Whey Clear by MuscleTech

Traditional protein powders and pre-workouts have continuously been developed into thick, floury textures. Iso Whey Clear by MuscleTech promises a reengineered version of this, featuring a fruity translucent liquid rarely found in BCAA supplements and protein products.

Each serving of Iso Whey Clear contains only 90 calories offering one of the purest forms and combinations of whey protein isolate and ProHydrolase available.

ProHydrolase, put simply, is a digestive enzyme group that promotes more efficient breakdowns of your protein intake so the body’s able to use it effectively. This can provide users with improved protein digestion and a 20% higher absorption rate for amino acids.

Iso Whey Clear proudly contains the correct, research-backed dosage ratio of ProHydrolase to protein – 220mg:22g. These clinically dosed servings are vital to benefit from the 20% increase in absorption.

This product is banned substance-free and contains zero sugar and no fat, and is considered low-cholesterol with less than 5mg per serve. It also has only a single gram of carbs!

Iso Whey Clear by MuscleTech is available in three delicious varieties; Cherry Blast, Lemon Berry Blizzard and Orange Dreamsicle for a massive flavour hit and a change from those regular old milk-like pre-workouts!

Pile on muscle with a purer form of protein and give Iso Whey Clear by MuscleTech a try today!

Iso Whey Clear Benefits per Serving – At a Glance

o 22g whey protein!
o Features ProHydrolase
o Low carb formula

Iso Whey Clear Key Ingredients

• Whey Protein Isolate
• ProHydrolase®

Nutritional Panel

Iso Whey Clear MuscleTech Nutritional Panel


How do I take Iso Whey Clear by MuscleTech?

1. Mix 1 x scoop with 350ml of water prior to and following exercise. Allow the mixture to sit for 60 seconds before drinking.

Not intended to be consumed by persons under 18 years of age.