Detonation X Pre Workout By Nexus Sports

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Nexus Detonation Flavour

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DetonationX is a hard-hitting, powerful pre-workout supplement that will turn you up for any workout.

It’s a high-stim pre-workout designed to support the best workouts – any time of day, any purpose. DetonationX is all about intensity and helping you turn all the way up for your workouts – and Nexus aren’t pulling any punches!

The design is clever, the ingredients play perfectly together, and the end result is a pre-workout that outperforms all expectations.

Key Features

  • Powerful stimulant load for immense energy and focus
  • Wide variety of performance-enhancing ingredients
  • Combines boosts to both muscular and endurance performance
  • Supports post-workout recovery as well as workout performance
  • Mental wellbeing ingredients help you get the most out of the stimulants

DetonationX Energy Booster Formula - Zero Crash by Nexus Sport

DetonationX is a pre-workout designed to be like nothing you have ever experienced. With all of the key ingredients you need to help you get the most out of your workouts.  Plus, it tastes incredible! DetonationX contains a synergistic blend of efficaciously dosed ingredients will be in your corner, every step of the way.

DetonationX has a ZERO CRASH, no Anxiety policy. Why? Because we have combined Fast and Slow releasing and diminishing stimulants to provide the perfect link between adrenaline & dopamine. This, combined with our incredible blend of nootropics helps to extend the effect of all of the stimulants. 

DetonationX Key Ingredients

The benefits of this product start simple – vitamins B12 and C. Two of the most important, essential nutrients to support better workout recovery and energy metabolism. These ensure you’re recovering effectively from your workout and have the metabolism to keep going no matter what.

The stimulant content of this product is the appeal: it hits hard so that you’re going to be ready to perform at your best whether you’ve just woken up or just worked a 12-hour shift.

You’re going to get a few familiar compounds: caffeine, theobromine, Norvaline, hordenine, and synephrine. The overall stimulant load is high, but these offer a potent boost to your mental and physical speed: mental performance increases, as well as metabolism, exercise performance, and power output.

These offer a complete range of physical and mental benefits, turning you up for any challenge!

Theanine is how DetonationX helps you control the powerful stimulant load you’re going to be dealing with. Theanine helps sharpen the benefits – especially the mental ones – while making for a more sustainable buzz. It also protects you from any possible side-effects, which is great!

Citrulline Malate is a powerful nitrous oxide booster. This improves your vascular function to get better pumps, more endurance, it improves your recovery between bouts during your workouts, and may even help with your between-workout recovery.

These benefits apply to both your performance during a workout and the results you experience from them. This is a two-pronged benefit that makes citrulline perfect for any pre-workout.

B-alanine is a powerful endurance boosting ingredient. It boosts your body’s ability to metabolise muscle carnitine, supporting performance and the ability to fight back fatigue. Your time to exhaustion gets longer and you can keep a better pace for longer.

Tyrosine is the perfect complement to B-alanine, as it’s an anti-fatigue amino acid keeping your mental energy up even when your body is working hard.

Piperine is the ultimate absorption compound to improve your intestinal absorption and overall performance. It boosts the uptake of nutrients through the gut wall and ensures that you’re getting the very best of DetonationX.

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