Essential Ammo BCAAs/EAAs + Electrolytes by Nexus Sports

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Nexus Essential Ammo Flavour

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Essential Ammo is your top-up dose of amino acids to support muscle growth, tendon recovery, and general wellbeing. This ultimate recovery and hydration formula contains BCAAs to electrolytes, offering a complete recovery supplement. The range of support ingredients is great and covers everything from stress to muscle health to energy restoration after workouts.

Key Features

  • Covers the most important essential amino acids
  • Rich in BCAAs for muscle growth and sparing
  • Supports recovery after exercise
  • Rebalances muscle chemistry to prevent damage and soreness
  • Supports sleep quality for better recovery and growth
  • Boosts immune function to keep you healthy
  • Improves hydration to support organs and muscles alike

Essential Ammo BCAAs/EAAs + Electrolytes by Nexus Sports

Ultimate Recovery + Hydration Formula

Essential Amino focuses on high-quality essential amino acids which make up a wide range of your body’s healthy functions, as well as supporting the health and performance of muscles. Range is one of the defining factors. Essential amino is going to help you across just about every system and process in your body, in one way or another. The combined effects of the essential amino acids are so much more potent than any single ingredient, making for a great product overall!

BCAAs are the most important essential amino acids for muscle health, performance, and mass. Leucine controls the rate of muscle protein turnover, while isoleucine protects your muscles from breakdown – either after exercise or during a fat-loss diet.

BCAAs also improve your endurance, both in the muscles and the brain, preventing fatigue. This can help you get a longer, stronger workout to both burn fat and build more muscle. This makes them a great inclusion before, during, and after a workout.

Electrolytes are essential minerals that your body needs to support proper muscle function and maintain overall health.

Electrolytes have 2 major benefits after a workout:

  1.        They help maintain proper muscle chemistry as your body tries to flush excess calcium ions and get back to normal mineral balance
  2.        They boost water uptake into the muscle helping to boost cell volume, prevent muscle damage, and improve the muscle-building stimulus 

Other compounds like glutamine and glycine also have serious recovery benefits: glutamine is key to muscle health during or after prolonged exercise, while glycine is a powerful brain-rebalancing and sleep-enhancing supplement.

These combine perfectly with the role of other amino acids and electrolytes in Essential Amino for an all-system recovery supplement!

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