NexWhey Lean Protein Blend By Nexus Sports

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Nexus Whey Protein Flavour

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This is a premium-quality whey protein powder dedicated to purity, digestibility, and providing your body with the best raw materials for repairing and building muscle.

A great whey protein is for any occasion, offering a fast-absorbing form of protein after a workout or the perfect top-up to your daily protein intake. It’s also super-digestible with enzyme support and MCTs to improve absorption, gut health, and a consistent release of protein over time!

Key Features

  • Support Muscle Recovery
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness 
  • Digezyme complex helps improve absorption quality
  • Consistent release into the bloodstream
  • Blended isolate and concentrate to provide a fast but consistent protein boost
  • Digestion-friendly and stable to prevent discomfort
  • Contains key electrolytes to boost muscular recovery and performance
  • Supplementary L-Glutamine supports muscle health and combats illness

NexWhey Lean Protein Blend By Nexus Sports

Nex Whey is a high-performance protein supplement that mixes whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. It’s filled with thoughtful synergists, too, to improve both the performance and the experience.

Whey is the star of the show. This doesn’t mean just one source, however, but a mixture of both whey protein isolate and concentrate.

Isolate is a more highly-processed but pure form of whey that offers a greater protein dose, that's faster-absorbing, and great after a workout. Concentrate is a less-processed, more consistent releasing protein source that is rich in BCAAs. 

The combination of these two sources means you’re getting a rapid protein uptake into the muscles and something that is  nourishing and rich in BCAA for muscle repair.  

Digezyme is a proprietary set of digestive enzymes that helps you digest this whey powder as effectively as possible. This means a healthy, happy gut in response to whey. It improves the comfort of digestion – reducing the risk of things like bloating.

Beyond just improving digestibility, it ensures that you get the best effect from every gram of whey protein you consume. Better digestion is how you get more protein from your diet to your muscles as quickly as possible, shuttling rapid support to your muscles.

Electrolytes are the key minerals that our muscles need to maintain chemical balance, contract properly, and rebalance themselves after exercise. Nex whey uses a combination of sodium and potassium – two electrolytes that support muscle health, hydration, and pair perfectly.

Glutamine is an important amino acid for the maintenance and wellbeing of muscles. It also helps to reduce muscle soreness, manage the stress of exercise on your body and improves immune function after exercise.

Stronger, fitter, and healthier!

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