Marine Collagen and Probiotics by Onest Health

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Onest Marine Collagen is a special protein source at 100% purity by weight, focusing on tendons, bones, and joints. This is a powerful probiotic supplement, rich in essential amino acids and perfect for getting proteins that are similar to what you need in your body – supporting better performance!

Key Features

  • 100% Pure Collagen Protein
  • Perfect for supporting recovery and strength in connective tissue
  • Most abundant protein in the body – direct support for your collagen tissues
  • Helps keep skin, hair, and nails healthy and looking great

Marine Collagen and Probiotics by Onest Health

Everyone should be taking collagen! 

Collagen is the single most abundant protein in your body and, when you consume collagen in your diet, you provide direct support to the tissues that depend on it most. Which ones are those? Muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, and nails.

These are important parts of your health, and they rely on turning protein from your diet into collagen. Taking collagen directly is one of the best ways to improve the amount in your body – you don’t have to break it down and rebuild it like other proteins, the amino acids are right there.

If you’re getting enough vitamin C in your diet, this is an incredibly powerful way of ticking up your muscle, tendon, and joint health. That means better performance in sports, better body composition, and less risk of injury in the long-run!

This is a marine form of collagen, too, which we like for the bioavailability of the sources. This is a premium collagen source without compromising on the purity at 100%: every single gram of this product is collagen so you’re not getting any ‘filler’.

Collagen is an easy-mixing protein that can be taken in any time of the day but pairs particularly well with vitamin C sources and hot water. Elite athletes take collagen to support their bodies through recovery to get more, better, pain-free workouts – often in a coffee or shake.

Since there’s nothing else in this product, it’s also made up of collagen peptides. This is the most powerful and potent form of collagen, offering up one of the best protein sources and active gut-support effects where it helps improve overall nutrient-uptake and supporting immune system function.

Where protein powders are all-purpose, collagen is more specific. With a surgical focus on your most at-risk areas, it strengthens your weak links to bring you highly-effective nutritional support to prevent injury, build strength and power, and even directly support better body composition!