DigesTech by Onnit

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DIGESTech® represents one of the most powerful digestive enzyme combinations on the market today. Increasing the natural enzyme levels in the stomach, it not only  break down food — helping to ease any bloating or discomfort associated with a large meal.

Key Features

  • Digestive Enzymes 
  • Improves breakdown of
    • Protein
    • Carbohydrates
    • Fat

DigesTech by Onnit

Overview: what is it?

A gut health and function supplement, supporting metabolism, immunity, and digestion (of course!)

Digestech is all about digestive enzymes, the chemicals in your gut that break down foods. This is key because the function of these enzymes is central to proper digestion: how are you going to get the most from your food if you can’t even break it down and absorb it?

This has knock-on benefits to immunity, metabolic wellbeing, and even potential applications for mental health. The gut does a lot – and you can support it.

Overview: everything you need to know

  •   Gut health supplement using digestive enzymes
  •   Great when combined with “difficult” foods for you, personally, such as whey or dietary fats
  •   Additional ingredients for beating back inflammation and improving gut function
  •   Herbal extracts support general-health benefits, as well as function 

Ingredients: what is in it?

1.  Digestech Power Blend

This blend encompasses a wide variety of digestive enzymes; all of which are centred around getting the most from your food.

They support the breakdown, absorption, and metabolism of foods. This includes better carb-metabolism, protein absorption, and a healthier relationship with fats that often cause “heaviness” in the gut.

The blend covers all your bases!

2.  Serratiopeptidase

Serrapeptide, as it’s also known, breaks down proteins. It is also mildly anti-inflammatory, as well as modest benefits to both lung and vascular health.

The benefits are wide-ranging, but they centre around a happier gut with better protein-absorption.

3.  Pepsin

This is a digestive enzyme specifically aimed at breaking down proteins into their constituent amino acids. It’s great for helping you get the most out of protein-rich foods, since bioavailability in protein can be hit-and-miss, depending on the food source.

4.  Fennel

Fennel can indirectly support better liver function, but is primarily here due to its benefits to your heart and blood-flow. These are great when combined with the benefits of ginger and astragalus, supporting your vital organs.

5.  Ginger root extract

Ginger is a real-life superfood. It’s anti-nausea, helping calm the gut, as well as improving the movement of food through the gut.

Ginger is also a powerful herbal extract for reducing inflammation and reducing colorectal cancer risk. It’s a perfect active ingredient for gut health.

6. Astrazyme (proteases, astragalus, tienchi extract, trace minerals)

Proteases are protein-breakdown enzymes, adding to the existing layers of digestive support!

Astragalus is an extract commonly found in rocket and is used for gut and kidney health. Kidney supplements are rare and useful, as well as a general anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Great for general wellbeing!

Tienchi is ginseng – a compound known for its amazing health benefits. It reduces inflammation and pain, while also improving feelings of energy and wellbeing.

Benefits: what is it for?

It’s a well-rounded gut health product that combines direct enzyme support with nutritional support with ginger and Astrazyme. It covers all your bases when it comes to gut health.

This is great for improving your digestive quality. Think less gas, less discomfort, better dealing with problem foods, getting more energy from your food, and improving immunity from the gut first.

It’s a whole-spectrum gut health supplement with a keen eye for smart synergies and effective direct and indirect benefits.

Verdict: how does it compare?

Digestech is a clever approach that combines the immediate benefits of dietary enzymes and secondary support. This is what we love to see: a product that addresses symptom and cause, supporting you across multiple dimensions of health.

This makes it one of the best gut health complexes we’ve ever seen. Digestech is definitely worth your – and your gut’s – time!

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