Burn Complex Thermogenic Powder Twin Pack by Optimum Nutrition

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Burn Complex Thermogenic Powder Stack by Optimum Nutrition

2 x 30 Serves (1 Caffeinated | 1 Caffeine FREE)

Burn Complex Thermogenic (Caffeinated) by Optimum Nutrition

(30 Serves - Flavours: Grape / Orange Lemon Lime / Strawberry Kiwi )

From the makers of the worlds best selling protein Gold Standard, Optimum nutrition have released their brand new range of fat burning supplements, the Burn Complex. Starting with the Burn Complex Thermogenic Drink (Caffeinated) this product is designed to boost your metabolism, increase energy, improve focus, mood and best of all, burn fat! Relatively straight forward but a tried and tested formula Burn Complexe Thermogenic Drink Mix (Caffeinated) contains clinically tested ingredients to deliver the aforementioned effects!

With two forms of caffeine, regular caffeine anhydrous and natural caffeine derived from Guarana Extract the energy from the Burn Complex will give you a nice sustained buzz, that wont make you feel jittery or give you any crash. In addition to this energy matrix Optimum Nutrition have added a clinical dose of L-Theanine, a natural extract from Green Tea which acts as a mood enhancer and helps to regulate cortisol levels.

Next up we have got 200mg of natural Green Tea Extract which has been clinically trialled and used for thousands of years for its metabolism boosting and fat burning properties. Optimum Nutrition have also added Acetyl L Carnintine (ALCAR), which if you have been with us for a while you will know is one of our favourite fat burning ingredients, it will help to flick the switch that takes your body from burning glycogen, muscle and fat as its forms of fuel to primarily burning fat and actually protecting muscle tissue. Finally O/N have added a 60mg serve of Capsimax a true sign of a quality fat burner, this ingredient will get you HOT helping you to burn more calories during the day and during exercise. 

Burn Complex Thermogenic (Caffeine Free) by Optimum Nutrition

(30 Serves - Flavours: Peach Mango/ Orange Lemon Lime / Strawberry Kiwi )

Burn Complex Thermogenic (Caffeine Free) begins with 1.5g of our favourite fat burning ingredient Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR), this awesome ingredient gives the flavour a nice sweet/sour punch and also helps to protect lean muscle tone and burn more body fat! ALCAR will also work synergistically with L-Theanine to improve your mood and focus. Additionally, the Burn Complex Thermogenic (Caffeine Free) contains 60mg of Capsimax and 200mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract which will help to heat up your body's core temperature and boost your metabolism respectively. Green Tea Leaf extract will also provide you with a potent antioxidant that will help to get rid of toxins released into the blood during the fat burning process. This product contains no caffeine or other stimulants making it a perfect supplement for those wanting to take this before a late afternoon training session or for those with a low tolerance for caffeine.


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Burn Complex Thermogenic Powder Twin Pack by Optimum Nutrition

Burn Complex Thermogenic Powder Twin Pack by Optimum Nutrition

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