BCAA Boost by Optimum Nutrition

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BCAA Boost by Optimum Nutrition is a BCAA + Electrolyte formula designed to support your training hydration and recovery. Each serve of BCAA Boost provides 8 grams of BCAAs per serve, 1200mg of electrolytes and 1 gram of L-Citrulline. Free from carbohydrates and caffeine this product is suitable for use any time during the day or night. We recommend sipping on BCAA Boost before, during and after training to support energy, hydration and recovery. 

Key Features

  • 8 grams of BCAAs per serving
  • 1200mg of electrolytes per serve
  • 1 gram of L-Citrulline per serve
  • Supports training, hydration, and recovery
  • Zero Carbs
  • Zero Caffeine

BCAA Boost by Optimum Nutrition

BCAA Boost is a BCAAs + Electrolytes formula, designed to support your energy, training, hydration and recovery. Best enjoyed during training and throughout the day to support recovery and your amino acid needs. Each serve of BCAA Boost contains 8 grams of BCAAs as well as 1 gram of L-Citrulline, and 1.2 grams of electrolytes. BCAA Boost contains no caffeine which mean you can take it at anytime. Lets take a closer look at the key ingredients in the BCAA Boost formula.

8 grams BCAA in 2:1:1 Ratio

Optimum Nutrition include 8 grams of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) in a 2:1:1 ratio in their BCAA Boost. The 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs is the most well-researched and proven formula which is also the same ratio found in skeletal muscle (that we are trying to build and tone). BCAA's are great for supporting energy during training and muscle recovery. 

1 gram L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is another of our favourite amino acids which is proven to boost nitric oxide. It's inclusion in the BCAA Boost formula should aid energy, endurance and strength during training. 


Electrolytes help the body regulate fluid balance during exercise and replenish minerals lost throughout sweat. Electrolytes have been shown to aid performance by helping with muscle contractions and transporting nutrients in and out of cells. 

Zero Caffeine Zero Carbs

BCAA Boost can be used any time of the day or night as the product contains no sugar or caffeine.

Nutritional Panel


For best results, drink 1 scoop of BCAA Boost as an intra-workout support and post workout muscle recovery. Enjoy throughout your day to help meet your amino acid needs to support your fitness goals.