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Intra Strength by Prana ON

Intra Strength by Prana ON is a high quality and all natural blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids and super foods designed to help fuel your body naturally with BCAA's, Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants in order to enhance your physical performance during training and aid with muscle recovery. 

Intra Strength Benefits

  • Protects lean muscle & encourages the body to burn fat as fuel
  • Increase energy
  • Natural electrolyte blend to assist with hydration
  • Improves your endurance and stamina
  • Limits muscle tissue breakdown (anti-catabolic)
  • Contains Vitamins & super foods to support your immune system
  • Reduces lactic acid build up
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

How to take Intra Strength:

Mix 1 scoop of Intra Strength in a glass or shaker with cold water to taste. 

When to use Intra Strength:

Intra Strength is best taken prior and during your training session to assist with fat loss, limit muscle tissue breakdown, reduce lactic acid build up and help increase endurance. Intra Strength can also be consumed at any time during on training days to increase hydration and assist in reducing muscle fatigue.

Who can take Intra Strength:

Both men and women can use Prana ON Intra Strength prior, during and after training sessions. Intra Strength is suitable for all healthy individuals and is Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. This BCAA is perfect for those looking to burn body fat, maintain their lean muscle development, improve their endurance, remove lactic acid build upsand help with muscle recovery.  

Ingredients & Dosage
IngredientsIngredientsBranched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Iso-Leucine, Valine), Vitamin C, L Glutamine, Coconut Water Powder, Turmeric, Freeze Dried Orange Powder, Beetroot Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Sweetener (*Stevia Leaf Extract), Camu Camu, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Potassium, Sodium, Natural Flavour (Blood Orange).*DENOTES ORGANIC

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Intra Strength - Prana ON

Intra Strength - Prana ON

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