Hydro BCAAs plus Essentials by ProSupps

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Hydro BCCA + EAA Flavour

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Prosupps Hydro BCAA + Essentials is a full spectrum BCAA and EAA formula with added electrolytes. Designed to reduce fatigue during training, enhance recovery, support lean muscle growth and improve hydration. This intra-workout is perfect for use during hard training sessions or throughout active days. 

Key Features

  • 7 grams of 2:1:1 Ratio BCAAs per Serve
  • Total 10 grams EAAs 
  • Sodium and Potassium for Hydration
  • Supports Muscle Growth and Recovery 
  • Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, Zero Calories
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly

Hydro BCAAs + Essentials by ProSupps

Chasing a delicious amino acid supplement to enhance your training performance and keep you hydrated? Well, you've landed in the right place! Prosupps Hydro BCAA + Essentials is a high-quality blend of BCAAs, EAAs, and Electrolytes. Designed to promote muscle recovery, improve training endurance, support lean muscle growth and hydration. 

Hydro BCAA Key Ingredients

Prosupps have used the highest quality ingredients in their Hydro BCAA formula, ensuring that the product is vegan friendly, gluten free and free from sugar. With a proven 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA's at a generous 7 grams per serve. 


It has been demonstrated that 3.5g of Leucine is the ideal amount of leucine for maximizing muscle protein synthesis (repair and building of muscle tissue). Each full serving of HydroBCAA® +Essentials provides you with 7g of BCAA at a 2:1:1 ratio, meaning you are getting the research backed 3.5g of Leucine with the correct ratio of the other BCAAs in each serving for maximizing your results.


HydroBCAA® +Essentials is a revolutionary product as it not only features BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) but a comprehensive EAA (Essential Amino Acid) profile. This is crucial as recent studies suggest that consuming supplements with both BCAAs and EAAs has proven extremely effective at improving muscle protein synthesis. EAAs (including BCAAs) must be consumed from your diet or supplementation and when creating proteins in the body, including the protein that makes up lean muscle, all 9 must be present... not just the 3 BCAAs. As a result, without EAAs, the body will not build new muscle protein due to the lack of materials.


Electrolytes help the body regulate fluid balance during exercise and replenish minerals lost throughout sweat. Electrolytes have been shown to aid performance by helping with muscle contractions and transporting nutrients in and out of cells. 

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