Prometheus by Slimtum (NEW FORMULA)

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Prometheus Slimtum is a thermogenic lipolysis formula. Delivering high energy, weight loss and appetite suppression in capsule form! This product comes with a high amount of stimulants, we do not recommend it for beginners!

Key Features

  • Capsulated Fat Burner
  • Intense Energy
  • Enhance Calorie Burn
  • Appetite Suppression

Prometheus by Slimtum

NEW FORMULA - This isn't a watered down update like we're used to seeing. True to form, Prometheus is now a little bit stronger, more energetic and even smoother... while updating our formula to keep everyone happy. Please reassess your tolerance before taking as the new version is a bit stronger!

Slimtum™ Prometheus is Australia’s most effective fat burner. As a metabolism booster, Prometheus helps to elevate fat burning by activating metabolic pathways. As an energy supplement, Prometheus provides an unrivalled boost to energy levels.

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