Yin & Yang by Slimtum

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24 hour fat burning Yin & Yang by Slimtum are designed to help with weight loss, energy and recovery.

Yin & Yang by Slimtum

(1 Month Supply) 


Yang is light, energy, day-time brilliance. Slimtum have developed Yang to keep you active and vibrant throughout the day. It also helps you achieve your diet and slimming goals. Yang is a gentle but effective formula supporting fat metabolization. Yang will help to reduce your appetite and provides an uplifting source of energy all day. Think of Yang as your daily motivation trainer.  It supports and encourages all your efforts of diet and activity.


Yin is night, calm, peaceful rest.  An active day can elevate your stress and Yin is the solution to this. As part of the whole, Yin neutralizes the effects of high stress while you're sleeping.  It keeps a night light of fat metabolization on so you're still burning fat even while you sleep. Think of Yin as your night guardian watching over you, and helping you to achieve your goals while you sleep.

Yin by Slimtum Nutritional Panel: 

Yang by Slimtum Nutritional Panel: 


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Yang: Take 1-2 tablets, twice daily. Yin: Take 1-2 tablets, once a day before sleep.