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Staunch Nation Pre Original

It’s no exaggeration to say that Staunch Nation PRE Original is the most complete and well-balanced pre-workout formula on the market.  

Pre-workout is arguably the most important part of exercise nutrition. Whether you go to the gym to lose weight or build muscles, if you do not feed your muscles before a workout, you will surely miss its incredible health benefits. 

If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement that not only provides jitter-free energy and bigger pumps but also enhances your mental focus, Staunch Nation PRE Original is just the right supplement for you. 

With a unique combination of Pump Complex, Strength/Performance Complex, and Energy/Focus Complex, PRE Original takes your exercise experience to a completely new level. 

Each serving provides a massive 6g of potent NO-generator citrulline malate, 180mg of focus-enhancing caffeine anhydrous, and 1.6g of beta-alanine. Besides, it also contains FIVE B vitamins, which are revered for their metabolism-boosting benefits. 

Most notably, all these research-backed ingredients are optimally dosed to give you the best workout experience you could only dream of.

This amazing pre-workout is available in THREE delicious flavors. Choose your flavor and get ready for an amazing sweat session at the gym.

Pre Original Key Features

  •      Best for Pump, Performance, and Focus.
  •      Optimally dosed ingredients for best results.
  •      Contains FIVE B vitamins.
  •      Boosts metabolism.
  •      THREE amazing flavors; Peach Mango, Blue Baz Berry, and Aussie Apple.
  •      Citrulline Malate

Pre Original Key Ingredients

Citrulline Malate: Citrulline is an amino acid necessary for the production of vessel-dilating nitric oxide (NO). High NO levels give full, hard muscle pumps. NO works by relaxing blood vessels in the muscle and increasing blood flow through the vessels. In addition, one study shows pre-workout citrulline also helps to increase muscle weight and improve performance.

Beta-Alanine: Beta-Alanine is an amino acid. It is required for the production of carnosine. Carnosine significantly delays exhaustion and increases energy levels.

Betaine Anhydrous: Betaine anhydrous helps improve exercise performance and increases strength. Besides, studies conducted in animals suggest betaine supplementation could be an effective way to balance NO levels in the body. 

L-Theanine: L-Theanine is an amino acid. It improves focus and aids weight loss by reducing appetite.  

Staunch Pre Original Nutritional Panel:

Ingredients & Dosage
Ingredients*See Nutritional Panel*
DosageDirections: Mix 1 scoop of Pre Ordiginal with 235-335ml of water, 15-30 minutes before training.

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Pre Original by Staunch Nation

Pre Original by Staunch Nation

Pre Original by Staunch Nation 

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