Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Extreme Pre-Workout

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Finally, the training aid of apocalyptic proportions has risen from the grave, introducing Cross-eyed Extreme Stimulant pre-workout. You can expect extreme energy, massive pumps, and brain-consuming mental focus to fire up even the living dead.

Key Features

  • Extreme energy pre-workout
  • Nootropic Brain boost
  • Savage muscle pumps
  • Immortal strength
  • 400 mg Caffeine & English Walnut 

The living dead have risen, and brought an extreme pre workout of apocalyptic proportions. Cross-eyed Extreme pre-workout have cleverly infected their formula with ingredients for eternal energy, brain-consuming nootropics and skin-tearing muscle pumps. 

Cross-eyed Extreme pre-workout has the zombie stim-heads in mind, with a unique blend of English Walnut and 400 mg Caffeine in every serve. Choose whether you go full zombie at 2 scoops of Cross-eyed Extreme pre workout, or just have half-bitten with 1 scoop.

What makes Cross-eyed Extreme pre workout blend the ultimate for a monstrous workout?

  • Extreme energy stimulants for an eternity of stalking your victims
  • Savage muscle pump ingredients for skin-tearing strength & circulation
  • Nootropic blend for razor sharp mental focus & to prevent brain consumption
  • Vitamin matrix to uplift and hone apocalyptic survival skills

Cross-eyed Extreme pre workout has been purposefully created for those seeking the supernatural edge to training performance, with epic gains. Mouth watering flavours of Raging Rainbow Lolly, Crazy Cotton Candy and Possessed Pine Mango will have you infected from the dawn of the dead. 

Eye-popping energy blend

Let the cross-eyed monster be unleashed with an extreme blend of 400 mg Caffeine, English Walnut and Hordeum. Only for the delicious brained stim-heads, English Walnut extract helps to sharpen mental energy and physical endurance. 

You’ve been warned, the boundless energy boost may have you escaping the compound and going on an endless zombie hunt. 

Skin-splitting zombie blend

The ability to run, jump and lift that ginormous zombie-blaster comes down to your ability to get blood and nutrients pumping into those muscles. Pump ingredients like L-Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine and Selaginella work to support our blood vessels and increase circulation when we attack our training. Increased blood flow and that tingly feeling are great indicators you have entered full zombie mode with Cross-eyed Extreme pre workout.

Hyper-focus nootropic blend

A well-fed brain makes us harder to terminate, and a clever nootropic addition to Cross-eyed makes us feel unstoppable. Amino acids help to encourage a great mood and to uplift your mindset before exercise. 

Sceletia and Huperzia serrata are nature’s brain boosters, for mental hyper-focus and endurance. Your enemies won’t see you coming!

Enhance & amplify blend

The body can need some extra nourishment when under pressure to rise from the dead and dominate the world. Cross-eyed Extreme pre workout contains a B vitamin complex and Juniper berry to give full body support in times of need. Think of sharp mental focus, natural energy and liver support to ensure you are the fittest for survival.

Nutritional Panel

Zombie Labs Cross Eyed np


Zombie Labs Cross Eyed ING


Directions for use

Zombies seeking a savage coss-eyed workouts should consume 1 scoop (10 g) in 625 mL water, or 2 scoops (20 g) in 1250 mL water, for the extreme cross-eyed. Annihilate 20-30 minutes before a workout.

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